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Dec 2011 / № 9539


Plastic Culture is the leading designer toys retailer, wholesaler and distributor in Indonesia. I am proud to be one of Plastic Culture’s Resident Artist along with a few other rad designers/artist like Thunder Panda. We have been working together on a small T-shirt Collaboration which will be revealed soon. Till then, here is a little sneak peek on what we are cooking up.

Dec 2011 / № 9535

Here is a sneak peek on what I have been working on. A few months ago I hung out with the good folks at the Aye!Denim Jakarta HQ and discussed about designing some shirt graphics to add to their latest collection. A full preview will be available as they get ready to launch their products for the next season.


Dec 2011 / № 9536

This is the first post by Dr. Brezak! Hello earthlings and welcome to KDU Network.!!!
In near future you will see also here some of the latest works by Dr. Brezak.

So stay tuned!
Dr. Brezak

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Dec 2011 / № 9531

cuopre 40

new works. new site.



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Dec 2011 / № 9529

Commissioned by: Studio Intraligi  •  Client: LNG


Dec 2011 / № 9528

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Dec 2011 / № 9527

My Sega Genesis-inspired music video for Samo Sound Boy of Trouble & Bass.

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Dec 2011 / № 9526

Just launched my print store over at SHOP.BRISSEAUX.COM Get em while they’re fresh! Stay tuned for more new prints that will be available throughout the month.


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Dec 2011 / № 9519

Destroyed buildings close to my studio in Shanghai :




petits carres





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Dec 2011 / № 9532

Hello awesome creatives! First off, I would like to thank the KDU for having me here and I cant wait to share some of the projects I am working on. It feels great to be apart of this community and I am looking forward to making some new friends. You can check out some of my work at www.prontopixel.com and follow me on twitter @prontopixel. Cheers!


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Dec 2011 / № 9515

Hello this is Man-Tsun from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you all.
Here is my recent work which is the poster art for Hong Kong U Animate & Cosplay Show!

Purple Ninji

Dec 2011 / № 9512

Greetings everybody, i’m pround to be a new member of  KDU

Before to post my first KDU colaboration, i invite you to come take a look on my portfolio for discover my works.





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Excuse the annoying commercial that will probably pop up before this video plays, but we @laundry! had the pleasure of contributing design for this piece, and designing and animating Mick Jaggers space sequence for the last 1/3rd of the video,

YouTube Preview Image

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Dec 2011 / № 9498

Hello everybody, here is finally my promotional piece for the KDU. Thanx again to the KDU for the invitation & trust. Truly thrilled. The KDU rocks!




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