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Here’s a project I (Tom Lane – aka Ginger Monkey) created for the good folks at AIR JORDAN. Last summer the team asked whether I would design the packaging artwork for a new limited edition ‘Year of the Dragon’ Air Jordan shoe. What started out as a packaging job then snowballed after the first round of visuals. Eventually my work got incorporated into the shoe design, bag, some apparel, and a few more things to come.

I was challenged with creating a system to the design so that it could adapt to different size boxes and be rejigged by the Air Jordan designers. The final box size was yet to be fully determined so I needed to create artwork that could expand in width and height. All the elements therefore had to be individual so they could be shifted around without destroying the overall effect.

This was a really enjoyable project and working with the team has been one of my favourite collaborative experiences. From the get go I was given the freedom and trust to develop the work as I saw it and the input they gave me was always incredibly constructive and respectable. I’m told everyone is really over the moon with the results.




2012 Icon

Detail 2

Full system

Shoe art

Shoe art 2

Vector Artwork

Vector Icon artwork

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

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Apr 2012 / № 10400

Some pictures of the 13Electric performance in Wuhan with Dj MauMau on Friday. It was in a opened area, with palm-trees and light cubes and spheres. Weather was perfect beers and crepes apparently also. Thanks to the people who made it happen, my man Andy from Dabaoge who came from beijing & Fabien Seguin for the pictures. Was a cool evening !






Article about KDU's Pierre-Paul Pariseau in ART NOUVEAU magazine

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Apr 2012 / № 10394

Illustration for a 7″ vinyl sleeve for Secret 7″.


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Apr 2012 / № 10392

New A4 limited paper prints available | Hand signed and embossed © Karoly Kiralyfalvi

www.kronex.net | www.extraverage.net

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Apr 2012 / № 10390

Coming soon! Visit www.kronex.org

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Apr 2012 / № 10388

My Waves artwork has been featured in todays Daily Inspiration #401 on Shadowness website.


Your art is very inspirational to all of us artists and at Shadowness we like to thank our amazing artists for all they do,

to show our appreciation for you, your artwork has been featured in todays Daily Inspiration #401″

Heather Russel


Apr 2012 / № 10384

Last year we @Laundry! collaborated with Sony to create an animated retail experience for their stores worldwide. What began as a synchronized series of screens within each store playing at the top of the hour daily soon evolved into our graphic language carrying over into print, advertising and online. Quite simply we created animated flower petals that wove every aspect of their brand at the time in a very inviting and human way that made Sony less about the technology and more about the pleasure of marrying technology seamlessly into everyday life.

Below is a 3d render of the store experience which we created in Maya, c4d, and after effects and utilizing specialized servers and applications in store to sync our animations to the 28 different screens at once.


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Apr 2012 / № 10382

Never ending illustration for a tee shirt.


project link

…and some process photos:


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Apr 2012 / № 10379

Millionaires Shortcake

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Apr 2012 / № 10378



Much like Dj’s do with music and sound I enjoy searching for rare “leftover” images to sample from and breathe new life into these long lost forgotten images. Hope you enjoy the Aviator. 2012.

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Apr 2012 / № 10375

I was asked by a friend of mine to perform for the French consulate in Wuhan, China.

Yes, it’s on Friday the 13th !

I was in charge of the communication so here’s the black and white, monogramed, first version of Vendredi 13. Below the colored, final version of the flyer.

I didn’t do any flyer design for a long time, i have to admit that it was quite fun. Dealing with colors is something i’m not used to anymore, but i enjoyed and quite like the result.
Dj MauMau will be playing some cool tracks while i m painting.

Feel free to come by if you’re around !

friday the 13 vendredi 13



These are 2 of my entries to the The Dark Knight Rises t-shirt design contest.




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Apr 2012 / № 10361


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ART+DECOR+GIFTS is a definition of unique Decorating and Design for Residential, Leisure and Commercial Interior Projects. This is the personal artistic name of the Interior Decorator and Designer, Boris Kostov.

ART+DECOR+GIFTS is a combination of the natural and the materialism, due to the symbiosis between eco friendly materials and the Nature itself.
The beauty of the Nature is an inspiration and horizon for contemporary architecture and design. From centuries it is a reference point for the interior space. the creativity and of course “the thinking of the environment”.

ART+DECOR+GIFTSis also an experimental range that produces objects, decorations and designs by assembling of simple, pre-existing components. This is a limited handmade edition of unique projects, which comes from the hands of the designer and interior decorator, Boris Kostov. “The thought about simplicity” is the idea, which develops the concept of the “found object”. The designer is searching for a new direction that assembles ordinary objects in an unexpected way to form the individuality of his interiors, decorations, lightings and contemporary art accessories. His intention is to create unique residential, leisure and commercial interior projects from scratch and to rediscover the potential of the ordinary and the everyday.

The nature and outcome of ART+DECOR+GIFTS is diverse and describes the mission as “focused on the creative utilization of the material and technological innovations of today”. In term of product design, this means a recycling reuse agenda and shows the possibilities to apply widely the idea of refreshing the interior spaces for a better comfort.

Design with a thought of the environment !
YouTube Preview Image

INTERIOR DECORATING + FURNITURE, LIGHTING & INTERIOR ACCESSORY DESIGN + PROJECT MANAGEMENT / Professional Painting – Decorative Coatings / Finishing Works – Home Improvements / Art Interior Lightings, Bespoke Handmade Accessories & Decorations

WEB PAGE: www.artdecorgifts.com
PORTFOLIO PAGE: www.behance.net/kostov/frame
BLOG: http://thekdu.net/boriskostov
FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/artdecorgifts
PRESENTATIONS: http://www.youtube.com/artdecorgifts
LINKEDIN: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/boriskostov
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/B_Kostov
NEW MASTER ARTIST: http://www.newmasterartist.com/artist/boris-kostov

PRESENTATIONS: http://www.youtube.com/artdecorgifts
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/B_Kostov

e-mail: boris.kostov@artdecorgifts.com
skype: artdecorgifts
MOBILE: +44 /0/ 7570 691297

█│║▌║▌│║▌║ ▌█│║▌║© ORIGINAL DESIGN, WORKS & COPY by Boris Kostov, 2012.
Do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Boris Kostov!

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Adult Swim





Gothic Calligraphy & Lettering

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