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Oct 2009 / № 2565
Sep 2009 / № 1016

I was recently featured in IdN magazine’s “Self-promotion issue” (Hong Kong) . Out now

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Sep 2009 / № 1000


NO! typographic organic illustration.

Organic and structural typographic illustration, created with Faber Castil and Rotring technical pens. A mass of tangled branches and coral-like fans entwined with sharp structural forms. A sparrow hides amongst the branches guarding her eggs.  Hidden amongst the elements is the words ‘NO!’ – this can be seen best via the development images – meaning hidden amongst the mass. Set to be a limited run screen-print.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 984

Wooden Toy Quarterly and Semi-Permanent presents Lyrics and Type.

Exhibition starts on the 9th October at the Gorker Gallery http://www.gorkergallery.com/gorker_home.html

http://www.woodentoyquarterly.com  http://www.semipermanent.com



Piece for the Wooden Toy “Lyrics & Type” exhibition/zine at the Gorker Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

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Evgeny Kiselev

Evgeny Kiselev

Saint-Petersburg based Russian illustrator Evgeny Kiselev never stops and draws everywhere he goes.
No matter that a tube station or snorkelling in Asia, he always finds inspiration from enjoying the life.
He started freelance work few years ago after being squeezed in local creative agencies where he got professional experience. The lack of academic background hadn’t changed the way he creates and even improved the will to tie his life with graphics and visualisation. So what you think makes Evgeny’s artworks outstanding? I do believe he found a unique way of creativity flow and concentrates on researching new ways of inspiration. His works are recognisable and rarely use the previous idea generating new diversities. Since last year he started to materialise illustrations on cushions and umbrellas what makes them unique and colourful.
Since I’m watching for his artistic career he has collaborated with European media like ROJO, Computer Arts, Miller, IDN, Grafik Magazine and of course Designcollector participating in our six anniversary.

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Sep 2009 / № 957

For those who didn’t see it yet, here’s some spacey jam Matt and me collabed on some months ago!!!

http://mattwmoore.com x http://iammago.com


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Sep 2009 / № 944

Some KDU promo thing I did not too long ago..
Created with Graphite on paper only.

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Fashion Vs. Architecture: Construct / Deconstruct

The above spreads are from a big feature in PILOT issue 2. It was printed on insert matte stock and printed in a two-colour monotone. It looks much better in the flesh actually, but these lo-res give you a quick feel for the feature, as does the text below…

Recent advances in technology have given architects the tools to create fluid buildings and fashion designers the ability to make garments architectonic. The language of each discipline is increasingly interchangeable as architects incorporate pleating, folding, and weaving into their structural designs while fashion designers use architectural inspiration to express volume and structure. Construct / Deconstruct explores the relationship between fashion and architecture highlighting common ground and suggesting potential new ideas for the future development of both disciplines.

Sep 2009 / № 929


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Sep 2009 / № 928

Poster/Listings for UK club ‘Wire’. This project is currently a work in progress. The club hosts a number of nights encompassing a range of music and tastes, so we approached this project with an open mind. A late-night stream-of-conciousness ensued.

Wire Poster Front

Wire Poster Back

Sep 2009 / № 885

Fashion Communication
Hello and let me introduce you the brand new blog on Fashion Communication recently started on Designcollector Network and run by DJ and fashion editor Olga Bohan!
Briefly, blog is about the communications between people and fashion brands. From runway shows to advertising campaigns, from shops windows to their interiors, from legend make up to stars collaborations. You can call it boring “marketing communication” and will be right. But in case of fashion industry nothing can be boring.
DJ and fashion editor Olga Bohan started this blog to collect and analyse fashion marketing tricks that different brands use to promote their goods. She did a splendid warm up mix reflecting the latest trends of catwalk music.
Check it out

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Sep 2009 / № 873


Work in progress, illustration due to be a limited run screen-print .

She Walks, organic and structural illustration, created with Faber Castil technical pens.

Additions and edits have been made to the original image – flowing hair and sparrow – which can seen via the development images linked below. The final composition will sit upon a solid matt gold tree silhouette and will be printed as a limited run hand drawn screen-print.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 879

Valp brings new stuff online. Illustration, web design and motion styleframes. Visit www.valpnow.com.

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Sep 2009 / № 837

Continuing our ongoing relationship with SCI+TEC Digital Audio & Human we have just finished the latest graphic for Nic Fanciulli and Andy Chatterley release on the label. The duo originally were releasing it as SKYLARK (hence the bird reference in the illo) but that was dropped last minute, shame because we did a really nice logo for it!



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Book Cover Design

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