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Mar 2010 / № 3349


Nooka has joined forces with legendary artists/toy designers to commemorate the release of the new mini nooka. That’s right, Jeremy madl (mastermind behind the cult following Mad Toy Design Inc), ilovedust (renowned design boutique), Shin Tanaka (creator of paper figures inspired by the popular urban vinyl phenomenon) and Matthew Waldman custom designed their own mini nookanooka.

mini nookanooka dimensions dimensions: 5.3 inches (height) x 3.9 inches (width) x 1.96 inches (135 x 100 x 50mm )

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Mar 2010 / № 3339
Of Ground

Of Ground

I have updated my folio at justinmaller.com with over twenty new pieces of work, including both personal and commercial projects. Lots to see, including a design revamp and a few nifty new features; a newsletter?! Wonders will never cease.

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Mar 2010 / № 3334

Hello ZSO Sara Blake

Hello ZSO Sara Blake

Hello ZSO Sara Blake

Hello ZSO Sara Blake

Hello ZSO Sara Blake

Long live the KDU!

More at www.hellozso.com

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The sights, sounds, and smells at a flea market are as much a part of the experience as sifting through the discarded possessions of strangers. Part of the appeal is the bizarre voyeurism it involves, gawking at things people once believed they needed but have since found no use for. And as any flea market veteran will attest, the experience is purest when the people you are buying from have just emptied their attic or garage, packed it into a car, and driven to a parking lot somewhere to sell it all. It’s a cleansing ritual — a hit-and-run way to quickly purge things that have outlived their usefulness.

Read full essay over at Annals of Americus

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Here’s just a few of the recent artworks that we’ve completed for Dubfire’s digital record label SCI+TEC.

« we [heart] drop shadows! »


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Mar 2010 / № 3326

Nice shirts and nice community!

Voices Republic is place where community members (read: you!) get vocal about what really matters. From local to global concerns, this is a platform where opinions are encouraged and respected. We are a community of creative individuals, constantly seeking inspiration and striving to stay socially aware of the world around us.

Check out Voices Republic!

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Mar 2010 / № 3325

Hello my lovely KDU friends!

I love behind the scenes, so I thought I’d share some photographs of in progress drawings as well as PS screencaps.

Some girl drawing…because girls are pretty.

Hello ZSO, Sara Blake

IHello ZSO, Sara Blake

A portrait of Raymond Carver in the beginning stages in Photoshop.


More: www.hellozso.com

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Mar 2010 / № 3320

LandForms II

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Mar 2010 / № 3315

Here’s one from 2009 for Ogilvy Mexico for Fanta!

YouTube Preview Image

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Mar 2010 / № 3312

Typescapes Part 1



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Mar 2010 / № 3309

“One Long Wild Night Ride”, another rejected design for apparel brand IUTER.
Screen shot 2010-03-26 at 7.11.14 AM

Simone Magurno / Serious Situations™ / SRSTTNS™

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Mar 2010 / № 3308

the KDU world tour

This is an application piece for the new campaing called the KDU world tour.

Pedro Julien – www.behance.net/pjulien

(site is under construction)

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Mar 2010 / № 3303

promotional poster_1

This poster is for my self promotion out there.

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