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Aug 2012 / № 11175

neil armstrong bwIllustration dedicated to Neil Armstrong

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Aug 2012 / № 11174

Slick Shoota hails from Norway and has been gaining momentum over the last year with a flood of free tracks and a string of releases on some of the most respected labels in the bass music scene.  I was asked to design his Draw album on Pixelords Hyperboloid label.  www.elroyklee.com



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Aug 2012 / № 11169


Dystopia Filter (detail/in progress)

Spraypaint and Latex on Fogged Perspex

4′ x 8′

Aug 2012 / № 11164
Aug 2012 / № 11157


Hello Keystone Design Union!

First and foremost I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the man David Gensler for putting me down with the KDU. I’ve been a huge fan ever since the days of The Royal, and dude is a straight up strategic genius. I’m looking forward to continuing to blaze the trail that he and the thousands of talented individuals that make up The KDU have set before the world, and to continue to reshape the landscape of creativity and inspiration that unites us.

And a special thank you to the one and only Cat King for capturing the pic!

Peace and Respect!

Stephen Holding



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Aug 2012 / № 11136

As a new member of The Keystone Design Union, I’ve decided to design my promo piece.

Hope you guys like it!

New site incl. new works coming up soon, www.danielmatakupan.com

KDU 2.0

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We just launched a new experience for A Company of Wolves — WeCreateWolves.com

A Co. of WLVS, is an ideal experience of art & design. The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe. A visual field of tracks / wolf-line collectively & individually. We’ve created a dialogue with the historical + mythical battle of the wolf. The fear & pride; the monster in your view-finder, did our imagination create it, questions of if it was/is/continues an illusory matrix & the epic odyssey of our dear protagonist-villain polarity.

This new site was launched to share more of what we have to offer.  You should continue to view ofWLVS.co for news updates & corporate/commercial information. Pulling energy with each phase of the moon, a record of pack activities are on the following social sites — ofWLVS.tumblr.com, @ofWLVS, facebook.com/ACompanyOfWolves, be.net/ACompanyOfWolves & pinterest.com/ofWLVS
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Aug 2012 / № 11103



Text over image // Multi-layered // Mask

Another recent addition whilst working on a couple of mask related images. Was looking at ways to produce a chrome effect to sharpen the surface and give it some depth/dimension. Using a variety of mediums, this exploration is what I would see as part of a sticker set or a board graphic.

Inspired by Ukiyo-e & the transmission of tales.

…Should mock one up!


Aug 2012 / № 11098

Creative card project with BMA

Knave of Diamonds

Knave of Diamonds

Five of Spades

Five of Spades

Two of Hearts

Five of Spades /Typography “БУНД” mentions Heart in Mongolian/

Aug 2012 / № 11095

I recently launched a new site along with a bunch of new work, take a look!



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Aug 2012 / № 11092
Aug 2012 / № 11091


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Aug 2012 / № 11090
Illustrations of Nike classics, such as Air Force One, Infra Red Air Max en Cortez. Broke apart under influence of DJ Kool Red Alert transformer style music.
Yeeeah -ah -ah-ah…




More on Behance or elroyklee.com

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Aug 2012 / № 11086

Everybody needs a Time Off! And one of Indonesia’s raddest bands called time off knows how to deliver this message through their latest single! To support the band I designed a custom script to add to their fresh new video, directed by Mohamad Irsan from Gravitasi Video. So take a Time off and enjoy this awesome video clip!


Time off

Aug 2012 / № 11077

Hello KDU staff and members,

So this is my very first post.

First i would like to thank the KDU Team and David Gensler and David Son for gaving me the opportunity to join this great and creative family.

My name is Daniël Matakupan. I’m a freelance illustrator residing in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. In the past few years I’ve worked for clients such as  TEDx Amsterdam, Sanoma Media, Publish Magazine, Funkrush Clothing and more. And now is a proud member of the KDU.

Currently I’m working on my version 2 website (with an huge update) but you can follow me on networks such as: Twitter, Behance, LinkedIn or Dribbble

Hope you like my work!

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