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Street and Ski illustration campaign

Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis
Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis
Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis

Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis

Fire in the Hole – EvokeOne – The End

Fire in the hole – EvokeOne – The End – Billelis

ArtJunks 2012

ArtJunks 2012 - Billelis
ArtJunks 2012 – Billelis

Resurrection of Gaia – Desktopography 2012

Resurrection of Gaia - Desktopography 2012 - Billelis
Resurrection of Gaia – Desktopography 2012 – Billelis

Billelis 2013 Promo

Billelis 2013 Promo

Billelis 2013 Promo


MK.Ultra Salon,  our unique exhibition of art & design merchandise, providing an eclectic catalog through well established relationships with partner companies. King’s Ransom (kings-ransom.net) a newly formed print partnership, has put together both a 54-page full-color image-wrapped special publication & a host of hand-made print works through collaborations with AntiAnti (antianti.us) & A Co. of WLVS (ofwlvs.co + wecreatewolves.com).

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February 2009 / № 11399

Hi fellaz,

It’s been a while since i have time to post some of my artworks. Here it is. My recent series called ThINK™ :

” ThINK is a series of digital art blending modern and traditional art, digital painting and ink, poetry featuring the artist’s life, a sort of “tribute” that band around a single question: What’s define the soul of an artist?
Reflect on what forges the soul of an artist: his influences, his career, his successes, his failures, his encounters, love … What makes them beings apart and embody or incarnate the beauty of art in its most beautiful form. “

Amy Winehouse

February 2009 / № 11383
February 2009 / № 11375
February 2009 / № 11351

I got Commissioned by Puma for a Street Performance in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong.
Here’s some picture of the process, the night before flying. at the 24/7 printer.

2012-11-03 23.56.24

2012-11-04 02.25.05

2012-11-04 02.24.36

2012-11-04 02.25.45

2012-11-04 02.26.37

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February 2009 / № 11302

New York based rapper Sadat X is well known for his membership of Brand Nubian. Illustration, 3D and typography for all artwork for his newest album Love, Hell or Right by Elroy Klee.




Thanks for watching.

More artwork of Sadat X Love, Hell or Right on Behance

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February 2009 / № 11293

Projeto 54

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February 2009 / № 11286

2xanadu are a full service creative agency. They have just relaunched their site filled with a variety of new work, go check it out!







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A few months ago I was approached by TBWA Paris in order to participate in a collection of 20+ illustrations for their client Infiniti/ Team Red Bull. There was a total of 6 artists including myself and each artist got a set number of illustrations to complete according to their own personal style. I was chosen to do the artwork for Bahrain Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix, Germany Grand Prix and Singapore Grand Prix. Each illustration focuses on particular assets of the cars . Bahrain focuses on the pistons, Monaco focuses on the paddle gear shift sustem , Germany focuses on the rear wheel angle adjustment system and Singapore focuses on the pure might and strength of their electronic supercar. The colour schemes are relative to the countries flags and the main concept behind all illustrations is data visualisation and integration through digital art. For Infiniti, performance is about more than statistics, it’s about how their cars make the driver feel. So for this campaign, we took performance data from a range of Infiniti cars and visualised it in a way that showed more colour, more depth and more feeling. For each poster a car was selected based on how well its standard features matched the demands of each track.

Illustration:    Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis

3D Design:    Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis

Assistant Art Direction :    Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis

Art Direction and Creative Direction:   Mattia Lachini, Fabian Braun , Maxwell Burgoyne , John Paul Williams

Project Management :    Julie Champin

All Visuals Infiniti

February 2009 / № 11233


Thanks for watching. More new work soon on www.elroyklee.com

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February 2009 / № 11199


Hello all. It’s been a while. Been working with my band A Lull on a lot of projects lately, touring, making records, etc. But I thought I would share some new work and a new venture. Check it out at www.nigelevandennis.com ! Thanks.

colors_gabrielcolors11Screen Shot 2012-09-01 at 8.14.37 PM

February 2009 / № 11197

Self initiated art work for my studio
“This world is but a canvas to our imagination” – Henry David Thoreau

Personal artworks created for my new studio setup. 
It’s been quite some time since my last personal piece but I have been really busy with client work :)
I am loving the new direction my Cintiq is taking me! Amazing piece of kit!
Anyway thanks for all the support so far and hope you like my future works!

Personal Exploration

Personal Exploration

Disco Punk

Disco Punk

February 2009 / № 11191

As a kid waiting for Santa to come, I was really looking forward to get my new business cards delivered.


330g pur white paper + emboss.





February 2009 / № 11174

Slick Shoota hails from Norway and has been gaining momentum over the last year with a flood of free tracks and a string of releases on some of the most respected labels in the bass music scene.  I was asked to design his Draw album on Pixelords Hyperboloid label.  www.elroyklee.com



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All stars










Adult Swim

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