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February 2009 / № 9424

Continuing our agenda to disrupt the broken fashion machine, we proudly present our latest, off-calendar collection.
Completely designed and manufactured in our in-house Brooklyn Factory, the collection is a collision of various inspirations from, and reactions to, our modern age.



All items are now available in our online store.

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February 2009 / № 9386


Hey! I just released my new portfolio it’s cargo based now. And also some new projects and remixed old projects.

Also i am now located in London. I will be glad to meet some KDU Members here in London.

Thank you for your time

February 2009 / № 9371

Hello! Very excited to become a part of The KDU. I look forward to getting to know and collaborating with the talented members of this network. Thanks to David for inviting me to join.

As an introduction to what I do, here are two images that represent my style as a beauty and fashion photographer, both from editorials published in the last two years:

Jeff Mikkelson - Highlights Magazine

Highlights Magazine

Culture Magazine

Culture Magazine

My story on the movement of skateboarding from sub-culture to mainstream media for The Hook magazine. Click here to see the fall issue and read the full article based on my interview, and that of Doug Brown at 2nd Nature skateshop, on the rise in popularity of skateboarding in Westchester and New York City over the past decade.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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February 2009 / № 9348




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February 2009 / № 9341


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February 2009 / № 9339

50 year old professional photographer and life long skateboarder Charlie Samuels carves up the pool at Chelsea Piers. And, thanks to his efforts, the pool at the Saratoga Springs skate park has been dug out after 2 years of being filled with dirt and made skateable once again (see my last post). Also, keep an eye out for Charlie’s upcoming film, Virgin Blacktop about “Life, death and brotherhood on a suburban N.Y. skateboard team.”

(last 2 photographs feature anonymous skateboarders)





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February 2009 / № 9334

After months of laboring back and forth with programmers, we finally relaunched our website with a bundle of animation and live action projects within the realm of branding, music videos, commercials and beyond.

have a look here. www.laundrymat.tv


KDU's artist Pierre-Paul Pariseau invite you!

KDU's artist Pierre-Paul Pariseau invite you!

February 2009 / № 9235
February 2009 / № 9199

Finally after a long time without appearing here I come again to present my new portfolio. Full of news and projects.

It is still not 100% complete, but will gradually updating, hope you like.

The website is: www.pedrojulien.net


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February 2009 / № 9179

Part of CBBP (Brazillian Beer Company) Viral Campaign for “Proibida Beer”.


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February 2009 / № 9150


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February 2009 / № 9147


‘Lacerate Media’ / Texture / Art

As a reflection of last months site journal post, the 3 images here are the test pieces.

They are mixed method pieces, with the final image being the preferred quality of finish.

As design is a test of ability, the main grind is in finding the easiest and most effective way to do something that is usually a complicated process. My concern for when the storefront is live is that there are only new works available and not something that has been generally ripped off or repeated by other artists previously. The third Razors edge is the first store instalment, using my own stock image and elements. Printing is currently external, although seeking to upscale asap and progress with prints for solo shows. Editorial is of great interest, so pushing to learn more in this area also.


February 2009 / № 9123


‘Don’t need NO Devil dust’ / Ian Brown / Mixed method / Experimental Portfolio

In my opinion one of the greatest Great British singer-songwriters of all time.

Ok, so many may disagree. Whatever. This guy has proved himself to be one of the most influential artists in recent years. From a true working class family, to the lead vocalist of  The Stone Roses, he has a celebrated history of perfect lyrics and bold collaborations ( personal artistic favs : UNKLE  / ADIDAS / BAPE ) which has seen him rise to the top of the ranks. This does not come easy. A solid solo career setting himself aside from the usual suspects in terms of visual art & video appeal, content instruments, tight, challenging lyrics and awesome depth of character has earned him the aforementioned status.

Having seen him perform, I would say he offers a wise expression as opposed to glitter ball stage gimmicks. This gives him an awesome presence. And of course he is renowned for saying that he needs ‘no devil dust’ for his confidence. Mr Brown, a true performer, I salute you.








Book Cover Design





Escape Keys





Gothic Calligraphy & Lettering Packaging

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