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February 2009 / № 1777


Random Got Beautiful.

The final iteration of the first typographic illustration exploring the inking technique. Random Got Beautiful was originaly set to be a collaboration with the second line completed by the other artist, the image was completed by myself in the end. There is also an entirely new version of the third line that may be used in the print version.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

kdu_bulletBuy prints here.

― Daniel J Diggle


We are thrilled to be the focus of the One Club’s 2010 One Show College Competiton. The One Club is the world’s foremost non-profit organization devoted to elevating creative work in advertising and design. The objective of the competition is to create a campaign that positions Nooka as a Mindstyle™ brand. Each submission needs to tell both the Nooka story and the stories of the products included in the current product line through print, online and broadcast media. Entrants must be college students or enrolled in an accredited advertising or graphic design program. The One Club, prior to the submission of entries, must approve entrants from non-accredited advertising or design programs. Students do not need to be a member of the One Club in order to participate in the College Competition.

The judges will rate each submission based on specific factors, which include: innovation, aesthetics, technical ability, manufacturability, Nooka’s mission, and subjective criteria. One Show pencils, the coveted trophy given to the top tier of winners in the One Show, will be awarded to the winning creative teams. Prizes equaling $3,000 for gold, $2,000 for silver and $1,000 for bronze will also be awarded to each winning team. All winners and finalists will be published in the One Show Annual and Nooka may award one or more entries in any category $2,000 for use by Nooka in a promotion.

Submission Deadline: February 19, 2010
Finalists Announced: April 2010
Award Show: May 2010

We are super excited to be a part of this! For more info visit the One Show online.

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February 2009 / № 1751


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February 2009 / № 1723


Finally, after couple of months of hard work and couple of sleepless nights StudioKxx is up and ready for more. Having redesigned the whole website as well as the studio’s core identity elements I uploaded a massive amount of new works and I feel like this is a fresh start for me.
Let’s Dance Everybody.


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February 2009 / № 1711

Loose Lips

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February 2009 / № 1707

Ultrabot versus The Sugarplums 2

“Today, the Depthcore Collective is pleased to release our 38th exhibition, our fourth freestyle body of work creatively entitled ‘Freestyle IV’.

As more and more of our members continue to embark on creative careers, having a relaxed, unguided outlet for creativity becomes more and more important. This Chapter is comprised of the personal experimental output of our increasingly professional roster; the results are arresting in both their technical execution and the sheer amount of imagination used in their conceptualization. As so often happens during the creation of our Chapters, the artists continue to push each other harder and harder as times progresses during the creative process, with the end outcome being something we are all quite proud of.

It is also our collective pleasure (pardon the pun) to feature long time member and superlative artistic force David Mascha as our featured artist for this chapter. His beautifully unique work has been a staple of our releases for many years now, and his contributions to this collection were simply too brilliant to be ignored. Be sure to read his entertaining interview whilst browsing the chapter.

A few exciting projects are in the works; updates will be posted shortly, so we hope you enjoy this chapter and the site redesign whilst waiting! ”

Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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February 2009 / № 1699


Kdu Fam. After What seems like forever, I finally gathered the energy, focus and follow through to put together Pkin, an illustration and experimentation platform for me to make imagery without the constraints and contexts of corporate clients. I have posted years of illustrations I have completed along with a lot of bits of finished, unfinished and partially completed works from across the spectrum to get the party started. As always kdu fam is a huge inspiration to everything I make.



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February 2009 / № 1694








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February 2009 / № 1681


In celebration of the artist designed mini NookaNooka toys, Nooka will be hosting a one-day gallery showing of 16 NookaNookas that have been designed by renowned toy artists and designers from around the world. The gallery will be open to the public only on november 11th at the redbull space in new york city from 12pm to 7pm.

The 16 artist will include: Matthew Waldman, Mad Toy Design, iLoveDust, “Plus” Design Studio, Michael Vadino of Bureau, Dustin Canalin, Blank, Eding: Post, Mikiko Minewaki, Ogawa Atsuo, Takahashi Hiroco, James Liu of Veggiesomething, Taku Anekawa, T9G, Shin Tanaka, and Zarigani Works.

In addition to the customized nookanookas, original artwork will be featured by Shin Tanaka. Zub zot inspired art, entitled “Night and Light”, as well as the popular paper vinyl, T-Boy, re-designed with custom nooka artwork, will be displayed in commemoration of the mini NookaNooka release.








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February 2009 / № 1657

TZL vs Pedro Julien


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February 2009 / № 1527


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February 2009 / № 1505
Proof 7

Proof 7

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February 2009 / № 1476
Unused illustration for an upcoming project. This was deemed too literal, but we didn’t lose heart. We wanted to share this with everyone and will possibly be adding this to our UNITIQUE t-shirt range very soon. http://unitique.spreadshirt.co.uk/
Unused illustration for an upcoming project. This was deemed too literal, but we didn't lose heart. We wanted to share this with everyone and will possibly be adding this to our UNITIQUE t-shirt range very soon.

February 2009 / № 1461


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Elena Dolgova aka Albicocca

First I met her works when was passing through ArtLebedev Studio illustrators page. She worked there as a freelance illustrator. I was absolutely mesmerized by the sensuality and the breathtaking detalization presented by her artworks. Their clean erotism was engraved in my mind and next time I saw her personal portfolio I was sure that met exactly same person. Her branded artistic style playing its role.
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