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February 2009 / № 9871
February 2009 / № 9720
February 2009 / № 9702

Hello everyone!

So it has been quite a while since I last updated my blog which isn’t that good, but on the upside I have a few projects to share!

This painting here is my first project of 2012 , purely experimental, trying to learn different styles of painting & techniques inspired by two of my favourite artists Danny LuVisi & Reid Southen. I hope you enjoy.



This here is a wallpaper I created for Desktopography 2011. Check out the exhibit here | Download all sizes here

Revenge Is Beautiful

These next two projects were created for Evoke One’s 26th exhibit “Evoke III“. I had a lot of fun creating both projects.

Larger |  Rapture –   Altercation



View all projects in detail herehttp://www.behance.net/TheKyza

So that’s pretty much all for now, but a lot of new work on the way so keep your eyes pealed! Thanks for viewing!

February 2009 / № 9668

Next week, SVSV will be showing our latest designs at MAN in NYC. We are now devoted to producing styles that are unlike anything existing in the common market.

I can finally say I am happy in our “own skin” and not interested in producing designs to please any outside influence, other than our customers.





February 2009 / № 9610

For the first time, we are collaborating with SLAMXHYPE to offer a special, end of 2011, five day contest. It’s not too late to win exclusive SVSV products.

YOU MUST CLICK LIKE to be entered to win. Keep checking SLAMXHYPE each day for full details on how to win.

February 2009 / № 9567

Here are a series of shirt and hoodie graphics I did for the Peter Says Denim Company a year ago for their summer collection.


February 2009 / № 9539


Plastic Culture is the leading designer toys retailer, wholesaler and distributor in Indonesia. I am proud to be one of Plastic Culture’s Resident Artist along with a few other rad designers/artist like Thunder Panda. We have been working together on a small T-shirt Collaboration which will be revealed soon. Till then, here is a little sneak peek on what we are cooking up.

February 2009 / № 9535

Here is a sneak peek on what I have been working on. A few months ago I hung out with the good folks at the Aye!Denim Jakarta HQ and discussed about designing some shirt graphics to add to their latest collection. A full preview will be available as they get ready to launch their products for the next season.


February 2009 / № 9529

Commissioned by: Studio Intraligi  •  Client: LNG


Excuse the annoying commercial that will probably pop up before this video plays, but we @laundry! had the pleasure of contributing design for this piece, and designing and animating Mick Jaggers space sequence for the last 1/3rd of the video,

YouTube Preview Image
February 2009 / № 9498

Hello everybody, here is finally my promotional piece for the KDU. Thanx again to the KDU for the invitation & trust. Truly thrilled. The KDU rocks!


February 2009 / № 9490

First of all I’m very proud to become a member of the KDU! Thank you very much! 

With my first post I would like to share two illustrations, called ‘Mary’ and ‘Jesus’, of my upcoming t-shirt collection. 
The line will be released in early summer ‘12 under the topic ‘Croyance’.
Stay tuned for further works. I’ll keep you updated!

#1 ‘Mary’


#2 ‘JESUS’


February 2009 / № 9476

Series of scarves with abstract ornaments.


February 2009 / № 9471

Collaboration with Graphic Artist Basil Whatley

Collaboration with Graphic Artist Basil Whatley

Thought I’d share this as an example of the collaborative work I do with graphic artists and illustrators.  Always looking to team up with like-minded people for editorials and campaigns.

February 2009 / № 9433


Type.Face / Illustration / Colour print

Portrait & mixed Type. A project that is a personal challenge and one that will be ongoing as a small series.

I am interested in pulling away from the digital aesthetic with these prints and using analog as the main tool and last source to bring the image to life.

Mixed Message images…




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