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February 2009 / № 10965

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since I last updated my blog so heres a new painting from me. This was created as part of SlashTHREEs World Exhibition III.

Hope you like it!

View it bigger: HERE


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February 2009 / № 10954


‘Bohemian Vintage’ / Art Direction & Photography – session 1

This is a selection of a recent Art Direction & Photography with my good friend & professional model Alice la Vie.

Having a massive interest in photography, and only recently started to pursue a more varied selection and style to my work worthy of serious dedicated art direction. Point & shoot right?

There has been so much amazing feedback to my photography, this together with wanting to steer clear of Architecture as the main field of study, so decided to arrange a couple of photoshoots. The female form is the next logical step from architecture, with a good study of light and shadow, but colour rather than black & white is a huge challenge for me.

Alice is great to work with, we get on very well, she is also an alternative model, more to the point she is highly adaptable at pushing her own creativity, and certainly not a flake like many other ladies that I have come across. She is well aware of her limitations and knows how to push herself to achieve results. On the day we both worked super hard gathering as much variation to our styles as possible, throwing around a good amount of ideas and inspired themes. This selection of clothing ( models own ) gave me a good opportunity to mix up the colour & blend a vintage lighting style into the composition. Here you can also see a good selection of prints chosen from this particular photo session as further aesthetic communication. Rather than just taking random shots, there was some format involved in producing high quality images for a purpose.

On the day we completed 3 strong visual sessions / themes + a hundred or so test shots & deletions.
My conclusion is that the photography part was easy, with a little direction. Now, if you are working as a team, it is essential to communicate, this allows entire creative freedom with super positive results.

Alice la Vie can be found over at her social network pagehere

To be continued…


February 2009 / № 10930

After completing my second year as student in Cross-Media design without any trouble. I used my vacation to spend more time with my girl, my passion – training athletics and illustrating.

This project is a result of experimenting with new techniques to illustrate portraits and a passion for stories from legendary athletes in track and field. Myself, Bram Vanhaeren ran my first race when I was 5 years old and still compete today. It’s my favorite sport and I love to spend my evenings on the track with my friends.

After picking some of my favorite athletes, having fun illustrating and playing with colors. I have decided to share it with you. Five illustrations, five stories, five legends. My love translated in colors.

You can find Step by Step animations & a free download for the Wallpaper pack – on the Behance Network

Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren
Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren
Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren
Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren

February 2009 / № 10927

www.kronex.net // www.kronex.org | Available next week online!

February 2009 / № 10922
Also known as Novagraphix to illustrate my personal work on the web, I’m a Paris based Designer and Digital Artist from France. I also worked during 10 years as compositor for french platinum artists, under the name Medeline. My style is a blend of modernism, cinematographic culture and digital design.
“Be the change you wish to see in this world.”


Hello KDU World,

First i would like to thank the KDU Team and David Gensler to give me the opportunity to appear on this great creative community.

I am Steve Fraschini, also known as Novagraphix to illustrate my personal work on the web, I’m a Paris based Designer and Digital Artist from France.

I also worked during 10 years as compositor for french platinum artists, under the name Medeline. My style is a blend of modernism, cinematographic culture and digital design.

Philosophy: “Be the change you wish to see in this world.”

Some links to follow me :

Hope you enjoy my work and contribution!

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February 2009 / № 10915

Launch Brochure - v1 HD

This was a graphic for the launch of a new creative magazine for GIMP software users.  Read more at: http://gimpmagazine.org

February 2009 / № 10912

I Used To Bitch About My Shoes Until I Met Someone With No Feet.

Typography experiment with handdrawn typos…

Check out more stuff at www.rottenleftovers.net


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February 2009 / № 10903


SACRED Print pack detail for A Company Of Wolves -

Inclusions: selected Architecture, border detail, identity, transparent overlays, front & rear id cards, packaging + stickers.

A Company of Wolves is an ideal experience of Art & Design aimed at serving the public with a purposeful injection. To fuel.

Many art related platforms & sites are strategically curated to form a community of a simple unified digital experience. This is all well and good, but where do traditional portions of practice reside? The only realistic + tangible form of progress to further a varied aesthetic is in print. This view of the collective / collaborative pack is shared & exercised by the design, curation, print & production of ‘Print packs‘. This is a well structured addition to the art community, in which we will also seek to adopt further members based upon skill, technical knowledge, consistent communication, style, but more importantly growth of the entire group dynamic.

A Company Of Wolves differs in that :

- Descriptive theory contained within our studies
- There is unique exposure
- Curated packs
- Our audience shares gallery / exhibition level visual appeal
- The art experience is sensory
- Ongoing, unified ideating, on a personal level
- There are no visual constraints
- Every piece is highly collectable

Follow ofwlvs.co -
- http://www.facebook.com/ACompanyOfWolves
- https://twitter.com/#!/ofWLVS
- http://ofwlvs.tumblr.com/
- http://pinterest.com/ofwlvs/



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February 2009 / № 10882
The August edition of South Korea’s G colon magazine features a special project called “Idea Map”. 20 domestic and foreign creators are asked to visualize their working process. This is a part of the article “How to Use Your Creative Brain”.

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Editorial Typographic Illustration.









For more details, please visit this link. Thank you.

February 2009 / № 10875

6 months ago I was lucky enough to get to join the crew behind 43 magazine – the only skateboard mag based out of NYC, and a creative and artistic approach to skateboarding through the eyes of some of the worlds best skateboard photographers. Issue 002 has been on the stands long enough now that I can share a preview for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. It’s available in skateshops and independent book stores around the world. Go grab yourself while they’re still out there.






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February 2009 / № 10872

A commercial I recently directed for the french agency Fred & Farid and its client Decathlon.

It was shot in Guilin in the south of China close to Vietnam:


Agency: Fred and Farid

Client: Decathlon, Quechua

Producer/AD: Chen Yusi
Director/camera: Charles Lanceplaine
Camera: Zhou Qi
Offline edit: Charles Lanceplaine
Online edit: Fabrice Sanchez

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Piece for upcoming book --

Piece for upcoming book --

After Fiddling for a lot of time with the idea of using a tablet for my work and a few failed attempts at it from the past, i decided to do an entire piece using the tablet and Photoshop. I decided to go full on with it for this piece and actually start with something more challenging than a simple character so i just tried to go as far as i could with it and learn while doing it. The result is this piece i made for an upcoming book featuring my character doctor een, i hope you like the results!

February 2009 / № 10859


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February 2009 / № 10856















Book Cover Design

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