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February 2009 / № 10571

Hey Folks!

Very happy and honored to be here! Just a quick introduction, my name is Xack and I hail from LA. Originally from Nigeria, my focus/obsession with Design & Direction has taken me many places. I currently work under the handle of Bag Fry Productions (www.bagfryproductions.com) where I focus on illustration and film.

Here are some quick examples of my work:

Nightlife//On the Run Music Video

Nathan K Music Video

I’m extremely proud and honored to be here, an I look forward to getting to know and work with you all.


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February 2009 / № 10564


Submission for Designers of Asia’s DOA Logo Remix

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February 2009 / № 10546

I recently walked away from a long-term “contract”. There was some dishonesty on the client’s side and things quickly escalated. The whole thing turned into a pretty huge joke…


The lesson to learn – always start with a contract – even if you trust the client like you would a homeboy. People are hungry for that money. Some real “live, laugh, learn” bullshit.

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February 2009 / № 10537

Hi Guys,

I was offline in the last couple of week, because of my wedding. I mean me and my fiance prepare the wedding place and I am working on our wedding invitation card. So I am still so busy because of these things. Dont worry I will be back after my wedding. (with couple of picture, maybe) :)

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Welcome to the Smoker’s Club. A collection put together by the creator of the ever so popular Piffsburgh & Pittsburgh King Hats, (which is Wiz Khalifa favorites) – Soul II Sole, & King of Graphic Designs Solomon Reese teamed up to do a collaboration for all the serious smoker’s out there!

Smoker's Club Video Intro

Smoker’s Club represents the smoke culture of weed smokers everywhere. From the occasional social tokers to the heavy chokers.  Smoker’s Club is a collection that stands out amongst our peers and allows them to express their love for all things green and sticky.  Whether you are Wakin’  and Bakin’, Still Smokin or looking for some Weed for Thought, Smokers Club has a favorite flavor for you, to make sure you’re always Above the Clouds.  So Take Two and Pass the FLAVOR at your local Smoker’s Club!

Smoker’s Club Lookbook video on YouTube

February 2009 / № 10523

I’m graduating this Saturday from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design! Here is some of my most recent illustration work. Expect more updates soon.

honey & sorrow

fox in foliage

fisher fox

skulls in spring

the early harvest

the north shore


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February 2009 / № 10520


Recently spotted this awesome service for creating instant kaleidoscope wallpapers – ▲kaleidolism. Try on!

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February 2009 / № 10517


Heat Sink/Stock/Print

The local efforts for Marine Biology are second to none. This includes a vast regeneration and breeding program for small organisms and aquatics, including the coelenterate and more notably, the Jelly Fish.
It really is an amazing life form that boasts an estimated species habitation here of some 600 million years or so. It has a body structure of 95% water, contains massive amounts of protein and can reproduce both sexually and asexually. The way that the Jelly Fish processes information is still today a complete mystery. We can only speculate, as we do at every observation.

Update to follow


I entered this contest while ago – Design of the wrap for Current Motor scooter. It was chosen as one of the runner-ups and will be produced soon. I will be posting pictures soon.

link to the project.


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February 2009 / № 10493



Alternate Style


Something else I’m working on:


Talk to me. I’m lonely.

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February 2009 / № 10497

My name is Solomon, and I am a versatile designer. I love typography, illustration and graphic designs. One day hopefully, I will do industrial designing like Iron Man, hahaha. I want to say it’s an honor to be the newest member of this Elite Club – Keystone Design Union, same club Kaws and other great designers are apart of. I mean I’ve been a self taught computer and freehand designer of two years, and I’m getting recognition for all those overnights I put in. Call me the kid that don’t sleep cause I wish to become the true King of Graphic Designs one day.

Check out a KDU Character I did, call him Sir Elite.

Sir Elite is rockin' a fitted and Jordans.
Sir Elite is rockin’ a fitted and Jordans.
February 2009 / № 10484

Finally released, we at Laundry! created visual animation and editorial for this 80s airbrush inspired robotic extravaganza marrying our loves of both Robert Palmer and Hajime Sorayama into this electric and neon creation for Svedka. Second to that, we also completed a Jeff Koons inspired journey through a world of ghetto blasters, brick retro cellphones, lipstick rockets, and good old fashioned trips through outer space for the second complimentary commercial.



‘Cool Places’

February 2009 / № 10482

I am happy to announce that the largest Russian-design related blog Designcollector revealed the huge list of Russian Designers available for work or just for admiration. Check the list on http://designcollector.net/russian-designers/. The video in the post was made by the youngest and profound member of Designcollector – Alexey Frolov for my speech about Russian Design at OFFF 2011 festival.

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February 2009 / № 10468


Poster composition & Print / Charity

May I draw your attention to this months posting. When looking back over the past year or so, one steady item has remained. Something that all of you could do if you spare a little time. Over 3-4 years I have raised money for various charities by donating canvas artwork, mostly of an abstract nature. Yeah ok, ‘paint splashes’, Donated for charities that resonate with health issues that family members have faced, battled, won and lost. The article here this month is charity based.

The Royal National Mission To Deep Sea Fishermen – a charity that is vital in offering emergency and welfare support to families of injured, wrecked or deceased deep sea fishermen across the UK, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Also for those who do not know, that during 2 World Wars, Trawlermen were an independant force whilst sweeping for mines and aiding evacuations.

The piece of work here reflects what I consider to be an Ensign, which was also the name of the first Mission ship. As the first part of the donation I am also taking part in a Night Trek across rough terrain which will also help to raise vital funding.

There are currently 50 copies of this modest sized gloss stock poster for keeps, with all procedes to be given fully to the Fishermens Mission.
















Book Cover Design

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