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Clothing and objects represent only one part of the SVSV brand offering.

We understand that our audience will ultimately consume more images of our brand than our products.

With that in mind, we treat the associated artwork as an important element, holding as much weight, if not more, in the modern digital age. Our current exploration is the next step in our pursuit of traditional craft colliding with modernity. It is our personal resistance against an almost completely digital world.

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February 2009 / № 8422



I just updated my site, check out the beta version
All feed back is welcome

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February 2009 / № 8413


Check my latest project, few illustrations for The KDU, learn more here

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Big thanks to our friend Shepard Fairey, who stopped by the KDU HQ last night and left two massive pieces of art for the world to enjoy.



David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 8399


for Depthcore, full-size here. Read the interview with Justin Maller here.

more sketches and experiments here

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visit sougwen.com.

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February 2009 / № 8395


This is our first post under our brand alias Constance & Eric, however, we are no strangers to the KDU.

We look forward to sharing all of our stories and images with you all.

One thing we are interested in is potential collaboration with illustrators, graphic designers, and other creatives who dig our vision and philosophy.



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February 2009 / № 8393

The Nigerian – French singer-songwriter and recording artist graced us with her presents a few weeks ago at the Rockwood Music Hall, New York.. Her portraits and show was amazing to shoot.. But capturing her singing “Preacher Man” in her dressing room was EPIC! Check out my site to view more images: www.ninarobinsonphotography.com

Last Tuesday was international “Go Skateboarding Day!” – a day where all skateboarders are called to the streets to show their commitment to, and the unbelievable popularity of skateboarding. Events took place all over the country and all over the world. Here in New York City, the day started at the new Maloof Money Cup skatepark in Queens, went through Manhattan, and ended just down the street from my apartment at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. There were contests, obstacles, dj’s, girls giving out Red Bull, giveaways, and literally hundreds of skateboarders. I went hoping to both skate and photograph, but the crowd was so huge that I decided to stay off the board and behind the camera. Here are some shots from the finale of the day at McCarren Park.






The day ended with a competition for the longest ollie off flat ground.



The winner ollied 21 boards (14-15ft) placed next to each other.


After the competition was over, the sponsors threw free hats, tees, dvds, and even decks in a raucous crowd chanting “Free Shit! Free Shit! Free Shit!”


Good day.

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February 2009 / № 8378


Bounty / Pirates & Buccaneers Exhibition / Plymouth Docks.

A Mutiny will never take place among loyal crew. Essentially this is a statement of fact. We pledge allegiance and gather our arms to fight the good fight, and stand strong against the opposition.

The chance to board the famous ‘Bounty’ was a real eye opener. The history of the original ship started as a small collier cargo ship by the name of Bethia, built at Blaydes Shipyard in Hull, 1784. The sturdy construction of such ships made them perfect for extensive ocean expeditions and explorations, aswell as being fine cargo haulers. The ship was purchased three years later by the Royal Navy to accompany a further number of vessels toward Tahiti in an attempt to secure regular trade routes onward to the West Indies in the hope of extending the plantation of breadfruit trees as currency, and a food source for low waged and unpaid individuals. The ship was now renamed Bounty. The name conjures thoughts of abundance, and ‘Bounty’ was now intended to act as a secure lifeline for many many people.

Further accounts have been portrayed in movies and books, with many that sailed upon the Bounty to be hero or villain. In fact the only two men ever to command the ship were William Bligh, who is also noted in the Rum Rebellion of 1808 and Fletcher Christian, who scholars believe may have faked his own death and inspired much of Coleridge’s famous poetry works.

The relevance here is that tribute is paid to the Union of men from the original ships build to the above 1962 rebuilt and widely used replica, with as near perfect detail as possible. Even when stood on the deck at the Captains wheel, there were Woodworkers repairing various timber damage.

WE recognise The Draftsmen, The Wood Turners, The Ship Wrights, The Sail Makers. This is the original driving force behind the craft. The unseen and unsung heroes of craftsmanship. These are the people that made further worldwide discovery possible. This was the voyage. Machines were never needed & Batteries not included.


February 2009 / № 8345

Speaking of random…

Got a gig shooting this awesome band called Slowdance, for the Brooklyn Northside Festival Lookbook. Pure fun and randomness would describe the day..  Drove out to Ft. Tilden Beach, walked through trails, borrowed some kids skateboard, took over this guys bonfire on the beach and jammed to good tunes on the way back! Never a dual moment shooting with me..  Checkout my site to view more images: www.ninarobinsonphotography.com

Love and light,



February 2009 / № 8340


The Raven T-Shirt is finally out. Go and cop that at The-Affair. Check out the rest of this project here.

February 2009 / № 8338

Dear KDU members I only got accepted here a few days ago and I was really looking forward for creating  a design for KDU. So this is what I came up with. Main inspiration was Egypt, both culture and history.

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion Piece - Billelis

February 2009 / № 8332



Destroy The Machines

Depthcore collective have just launched their new chapter “Obsolete” alongside their new website. The piece, Destroy The Machines was re-worked to become part of the chapter. Check out the great Depthcore works here.

The human hands that built their own cage, rise up and strike against the metal bars of their self made oppression. Fighting under one banner and crying in chorus, “Destroy The Machines”..

kdu_bullet1Development images here.

― Daniel J Diggle



February 2009 / № 8326




– - – - -

Neo Eden is an exploration into extraterrestrial architecture. It is the antithesis of the terrestrial, post-human, as well as simultaneously futurist and anti-futurist. Ultimately, Neo-Eden is a paradox in which it projects terrestrial entities into an extraterrestrial environment.


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Last night was the opening of Jeremy Fish’s “Listen and Learn” show at the Joshua Liner Gallery.
Incredible work based off some amazing stories. A campfire in Chelsea, smoking trees, the usual (bunny) suspects and one of the meanest birthday cakes around. Stop by and check it out if in NY.


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