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February 2009 / № 9264
February 2009 / № 9260

Thank you WeAr Magazine

Picture 2

February 2009 / № 9258

Kid EP cover

Kid EP

Personal work

Red Blossom


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February 2009 / № 9253


Hi guys,

I am very excited to announce I have not one, not two, but three interviews on three very prestigious design sites!

First up on Wednesday was an interview with the awesome girls over on the

Inkygoodness site

Thursday was a fantastic one as I not only got an intreview but made the home page and main news story on the fantastic

Thunder Chunky site

And last but by no means least, the very influential design siteDirty Mouse came out of a six month hibernation just to post an interview with me. A real honour!

Dirty Mouse site

It would be great if you had a chance to check them out. These are all due to the fact I have recently re-launched my own site.

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February 2009 / № 9251


Phase 1 :

Character / caricature sketch for a personal project that will include some moving images, background, graffiti + music. 2D is neat to see in a slow moving scene. A fine art portrait is not the required finish, so please note, that this is in good humour.

A4 standard cartridge paper using a Derwent 4b + Faber-Castell ink pen. Copied up to A3 then cut. Saturation in shaded areas, minimum detail.

As with the RZA pic, it is kept as black and white until all character pieces are finished.

To be continued.


February 2009 / № 9241

Mattress comes from the Arabic word “matrah” meaning “to throw down”.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 12.11.38 PM

The Mattress first came about ten thousand years ago. It was a pile of leaves covered by animal skins.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 12.11.45 PM

A mattress will absorb up to 3 gallons of sweat and other fluids in its lifetime which is dependent on quality and vigorousness of use.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 12.11.53 PMSymptoms of a worn out mattress include springs poking out, visible sagging, and excessive squeaking.


Constance & Eric


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February 2009 / № 9235
February 2009 / № 9223

So this is my first post here. I am so excited to be a part of the KDU! My name is Oliver Gareis and I’m an 20 year old digital artist from Hamburg, Germany. I’ve been watching the amazing talents in this collective for some time now, and it feels great to say, “I’m one of them.”

I’m currently working on some works for EvokeOne’s upcoming release.

I would like to leave you with a project of mine created for the latest EvokeOne exhibit. Thanks!


My Portfolio

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So this is a prime example of how the Kdu can work advantageously. Last year, the Kdu graciously curated a Hennessy artist collaboration bottle between myself and DJ Steve Aoki. Our collaboration was quite positive and we got along well enough to make a music video together for the first single off his new album. Shot just months after finishing Hennessy artwork, we spent the remaining months finishing the design and animation here at Laundry! The moral is it is as much about making dynamic work as it is about being collaborative and not an asshole to foster further collaborations.

February 2009 / № 9205


My old partner-in-crime finally got his shit together. check out his new site. and hire him for your next shoot. Dom kills it.

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February 2009 / № 9199

Finally after a long time without appearing here I come again to present my new portfolio. Full of news and projects.

It is still not 100% complete, but will gradually updating, hope you like.

The website is: www.pedrojulien.net


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February 2009 / № 9185



Type.Face / Illustration / Colour print

Portrait & mixed Type is the outline for this project, in a layout that worked well as a composition of colour / content.

A project that is a personal challenge and one that will be ongoing as a small series.

Without giving away to much detail of the specific background to the series, it is to have a bolder message as the overall theme.

The above image was a case study that started in digital and progressed to be more analog in practice with the result being a very good healthy balance of the two combined.


February 2009 / № 9179

Part of CBBP (Brazillian Beer Company) Viral Campaign for “Proibida Beer”.


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February 2009 / № 9178

I just update my vimeo with my latest works, check it out:

http://www.vimeo.com/30106829 http://www.vimeo.com/30079852 http://www.vimeo.com/30048484 http://www.vimeo.com/30080571 http://www.vimeo.com/30040894 http://www.vimeo.com/30039861


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February 2009 / № 9175

Design by Pablo Moreno. 2011.

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Book Cover Design

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