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February 2009 / № 7890


‘ Invasionism ‘ : City Museum & Art Gallery, Plymouth.

The Militant approach was put on the shelf for this visit. The opportunity to talk with visitors about the valuable historic importance of collectable works of art was a blast. Arriving at the museum early with a militant attitude, it soon wore off when I was blown away by the amount of fine art and historic items on display within the nine internal galleries. From fabric designs, to carvings and early forms of currency, japanese tsuba, archeological and anthropological interests and a huge maritime display area. There was a cabinet for showing silverware and church plates, enamel tile painting, contemporary glass designs and the Porcelain industry history of William Cookworthy.

After venturing through the natural history collection of organic detail, fossils, documents, sketches and skeletal structures, I then moved up a floor and absorbed the Cottonian collection. A vast collection of engravings and old master drawings, around seven thousand fine art prints on rotated display, large print volumes including the medieval Book of Hours.

Three things were prominent in every manner of work within the museum walls : life is art, expression is organic, and vision is boundless.

The final part of a two hour visit included initiating conversation with security and visitors out of respect, about the importance of art history and how it fits into and influences the modern era and thought, discussing media and how it plays a part in giving prominence to the past, where art sits in the future and the determination of the artist and craft… And of course the eventual slap boxing of KDU ‘Invasionism’ at key areas of interest within the Museum.


February 2009 / № 7961


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February 2009 / № 7886

I used to thumb my nose at doing monochrome work… Not anymore, apparently, although a bit of color did invade the picture. Heavily inspired by Grace Jones and the good old monochrome Mac OS interface circa 1984-85.

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February 2009 / № 7883





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February 2009 / № 7882

Sippn That Juice

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February 2009 / № 7879

This is a project i did while ago for Art Institute of Vancouver. I designed and illustrated 5 introductory spreads and patterns for typography for each section for Fashion show program guide.


project link: http://lostinjungle.net/#875637/GLOBAL-GALLERY









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February 2009 / № 7874


It’s done, painting is so old fashion now.

Thanks to the concepter/coder Taprik, Picturæ 2.0 is born.

100% digital, it is just like painting but even better. No need to wait for it to dry.


Picturae 2.0 is a tangible way to paint virtually.
It is inspired by the techniques of drawing, painting, printing, graffiti, … and is built upon a digital process that enables an infinity of features and extensions.
The cloth painting is the screen, the brush is a specific can. Sometimes mouse, other times brush, the specific can allows the user to paint or to change or select a parameter of the brush, his size or color.
Everything is done on the screen.


Concept/code : Taprik (Rennes, FR)


Painting/Design/Motion-design : Keflione (Shanghai, CN)


Music : Robert le Magnifique : (Rennes, FR)


Shooting : Pacôme Gabrillagues ( Rennes, FR)


February 2009 / № 7866
February 2009 / № 7865


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February 2009 / № 7862

29I had this personal project on rest for a while, due to being busy with other projects. Until recently I decided to continue advancing with it. This is one of the newer pieces. Click here to see entire project. It was recently featured on Typography Served

February 2009 / № 7855

After the amazing response on my “Black & White” Project I was contacted by several persons with projects I could collaborate on. ESPN Magazine was one off them. As a big fan of sports and athlete myself I had a great time creating the portraits for their Magazine. The results were published in their May issue. Hopefully you like them and thanks to ESPN again for the lovely opportunity. Enjoy the colors!

Check out All the details and portraits on the Behance network.

Spot the awesome KDU Sticker on my macbook for school! Haha, Have a good weekend everyone!
Bram Vanhaeren for ESPN Magazine

Bram Vanhaeren for ESPN Magazine

February 2009 / № 7853
February 2009 / № 7851

Brand Nu Jupitarian EP cover design
Exactly a year after the launch of Book #THREE, I’ve launched my new website at www.brandnu.co.uk with updated design and selected latest work. Check it out.

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February 2009 / № 7841

Gustavo López Mañas’ showreel 2011

February 2009 / № 7840

Here’s my first KDU promo work!


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