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February 2009 / № 7235


Available at 2nd Nature Skateshop this summer.

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February 2009 / № 7233

Don't Tread, Trust!

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February 2009 / № 7230


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February 2009 / № 7229

Destroy the Machines by Typozon
My Artwork for SOLSTICE Magazine Vol.1/2011

February 2009 / № 7222


We are proud to present you Photokitchen – a place where delicious art is cooked daily!

logosy4_0000_Layer 14

Follow us on behnace
And visit our site !

Have a nice meal : )

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February 2009 / № 7215

Designer: Rochambeau

Model: Luca Schmitz

Studio: Sandbox


February 2009 / № 7210

Hello friends and creatives! Well I’ll go straight to the point, something messed up happened to me lately. A so-called graphic designer from Algeria stole my logo for his or her cofee lounge! From the pictures I’ve seen the logo is exactly the same as mine. My original logo comes from an old personal project I’ve done a long time ago. It’s called SNEAKERSPOT. I created a fictious corporate identity for a coffe / bar where all sneaker lovers could go and have a good time. The signification of the logo is a cup made of laces! (as you can’t rock sneakers without laces, and you can’t have a cafe without a cup)! That’s the original meaning of the logo! Since someone is so arrogant to take it and use it for its lounge, they should have known the actual meaning  befor using it. I published this project on BEHANCE network and on my blog right here on The KDU. So all I’m asking you is to blog about this, write about this or twitter about this. Because this is the only way I can defend myself as an independent artist. I really do need every help. I’ll add pictures of the original logo and pictures of the so-called La Plaza Cafe Lounge. Judge by yourselves which one is original. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. B


The original logo of SNEAKERSPOT, find the whole project on BEHANCE


A logo that someone has “created” for their coffe lounge, find their page on FACEBOOK

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February 2009 / № 7202

I am experimenting with cel animation for a new upcoming project and put together this animated alphabet to help me figure out what I am up against technically and creatively.

February 2009 / № 7192

Client: Jurajska Spoldzielnia Pracy
Full view here



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February 2009 / № 7190


Hello KDU and followers ….

Just wanted to share a little something that the studios project manager has finally got up and running after what seems months of dev work … ladies and gentlemen, I give you ToggleChat!  Toggle Chat basically expands a search engine’s parameters by automatically creating a chat room based on the search topic or phrase. This will allow the user to interact with other individuals searching for the same subject and gain more insight. Think of it as social media for searching!

Currently its only working on the Chrome browser and is being tied into Safari, Firefox and any other platform we can get our grabby hands on. So if you feel like checking it out and giving comments, feedback and or critiques please feel free. This was built for everyone in mind.


**UPDATE: we noticed a little bug in the login section …. and will be fixed by tonight!

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February 2009 / № 7183


Computer Arts

Illustratation created for Computer Arts 185th issue. Through feeding the roots of Inspiration, Technique and Great Design, flourish and bloom creativity. There are two colour versions of the illustration.

kdu_bullet1Development images coming soon.

― Daniel J Diggle



February 2009 / № 7180

A hyper real / photo real piece for head and shoulders shampoo brand. Another subtle yet convincing piece aimed at making the product look desireable yet aspirational to a younger target market.

Head and shoulders aspiration

Head and shoulders aspiration

February 2009 / № 7175






This is the finalized project. Learn more on Facebook.

10,0000, yes tens of thousands of layers

The biggest advert in the world.

The biggest advert in the world.

…to create a DPS digital illustration that you can litrally go into forever!!! This complex digital illustration really pushed the bounderies of my mac but the result is quite scary. The file is huge and well over 20Gb in size… massive!!!! You could cover a skyscraper with this and still look into it with a magnifying glass if printing this exact defination at such a huge scale was possible… like I said massive illustration!

February 2009 / № 7168
















Book Cover Design

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