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February 2009 / № 5625

sitenovovisit  www.elvisbenicio.com

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February 2009 / № 5628
February 2009 / № 5529

February 2009 / № 5614

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February 2009 / № 5616

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February 2009 / № 5612

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February 2009 / № 5608


YAW / You Are We / theKDU

The format for these images will be self explanatory. Breaking out! Pushing some illustration medium in the first set and Logo in the second set. Simple black and white basics. The djinn character stands to represent various aspects of my perception of YAW. Completed first in Sketch and Acrylic on card, Scanned and then muscled into electrickery for some extra pressure from the Wacom.


February 2009 / № 5605

Apparel concept created for Nike. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for this to be considered for the 2011 collection whilst working on another piece for LBJ, so completed this as a concept for Nike.

Kobe Bryant

1920×1200 wallpaper is up here.

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February 2009 / № 5604

Sketch poster KDU
poster the Kdu promotional

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Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present The Humble and Sublime, an exhibition of new paintings by Miles “El Mac” MacGregor, a Phoenix-based mixed-media artist best known for graffiti-influenced mural projects worldwide. This is Mac’s debut solo show at Joshua Liner.

Working in acrylic on panel, spray paint on canvas, and mixed media on paper, Mac’s gallery-size works echo many of the themes, styles, and techniques seen in his large-scale mural projects. Foremost is the dynamic relationship of figure to ground. Inspired by cultures around the globe—from Mexico to Thailand—Mac generates an endless vocabulary of graphic patterns that serve as an active, signifying backdrop to lovingly detailed and humane portraits.

Children, women, and respected elderly figures (often depicted in monochrome) are all featured amid colorful fields of repeating marks—doodles, graffiti, even proto- language characters—which are transformed into vibrant overall pattern. Against this sea of marks, the carefully rendered and shaded figures take on added poignancy as all-too-human subjects caught in their “cultural context.” In the works omprising The Humble and Sublime, this mark-making mania infiltrates the figure itself, creeping across expanses of skin to infuse these subjects with an electric hum. They exist in multiple states—as portrait subjects with individual identities and as picture surfaces recording the pervasive creep of culture’s stamp.

An Arizona native, Mac draws inspiration from the surrounding Mexican and Chicano culture of the American Southwest, as well as religious art, pinup art, graffiti, and a wide range of canonical artists, including Caravaggio, Mucha, and Vermeer. In the late ’90s Mac began to paint large, technicolor aerosol versions of classic paintings by European masters. This led to a commission in 2003 by the Groeninge Museum in Bruges, Belgium, to paint interpretations of classic Flemish Primitive paintings from the museum’s collection—a peerless example of “the humble and sublime.”

El Mac - Untitled

El Mac - Vietnam Smoker

El Mac - Miami 2008 (w/ Retna)

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Sara Blake // Hello ZSO

Sara Blake // Hello ZSO

Sara Blake // Hello ZSO

Debut solo gallery show at Friends of Leon Gallery, Sydney, Australia

For more images of the show check out www.hellozso.com

For travel images from the trip, check out my blog


Sara Blake

Hello ZSO

New York City

February 2009 / № 5593








Gustavo Lopez Mañas

February 2009 / № 5590


// Speero

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February 2009 / № 5585

This is an update to the 7th Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa. I wanted to add more details to it, therefor I´m posting this up. The contest for  Africano festival de cine tarifa challenged artists from around the world to design a poster that would celeberate the 50th anniversary of independence in most African states. I created a series of 6 different posters showcasing African leaders that played a big part in African independence.

_MG_4346 copia

_MG_4224 copia

_MG_4317 copia

_MG_5481 copia





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February 2009 / № 5577


Recently heading back to illustration to expand my horizons, the Sepia lick on this image was the final touch. A softer, although jagged approach to a huge statuesque presence and a type treatment to balance the composition with some various effects. Most pictures that I complete are image ready for 12″ x 12″ prints for ease of collating.

Inspired by the imagery and translation of Renaissance.
















Book Cover Design

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