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This is pitch illustration which we (Hand Made Flow) made as a part of campaign for Lubella and one of his brand Mlekolaki for them new product Figuraki.


Detailed case study here
More works here

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February 2009 / № 4185

Directed by Ryan Hooks


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February 2009 / № 3661

In advance of the launch which has taken 2.5 years to develop, we proudly share with you the VOLKCRAFT identity developed by Daren Newman of Manchester England. Volkcraft is our exploration into the realm of travel and outdoor goods. It is a collision of everything we have developed with SVSV and the latest high tech fabrics and construction techniques. Keep your eyes open for upcoming press and the debut collection and campaign. All products will be available online and at the new Brooklyn based retail location.  






-David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 3657

Read the article here

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 11.18.11 AM

David Gensler

February 2009 / № 3653


This is my last work in my new update from my website artzjuztdu.com

I hope you like.

Thanks for everyone.

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February 2009 / № 3650


Photowork for Maxxximal Event on May feat. “Radioslave” in Zurich

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February 2009 / № 3645

(RE) FRESH is a typographic experiment by into1 , a message to celebrate Spring, the moment of the year where everyone feels a lot better with the sun recharging our batteries. It’s time to Refresh! And why not Refresh in Style?

We’re also very happy to announce that we have made some off our works available for prints. Prints are available in A2 and A3 for a reasonable price. Thanks to the kind Print service of Society6, your print is on his way within 2 easy steps.

> Order Prints and Shirts via the Into1 Shop.
You can also download the (RE)FRESH wallpaper pack via Wallpaper Art. The wallpaper pack consists of wallpapers for the following resolutions;

2560 x 1440 pixels / 1920 x 1200 pixels / 1680 1050 pixels / 1440 x 900 pixels / 1280 x 1024 pixels
1280 x 800 pixels / 1024 x 768 pixels / 320 x 480 pixels (iPhone) / 1024 x 1024 pixels (iPad)
> Download Wallpaper Here.

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February 2009 / № 3635

Two new galleries on Behance to view after this short break. New works, exhibited as seen. More here.

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February 2009 / № 3651

Hey everyone!

My name is Vlad Neuman im 21 ‘ and im a new member of The KDU

Im not very good at writing stuff about me so check my work and profile maybe you’ll make an impression.

Please enjoy!



February 2009 / № 3625

A piece i made for UUtheory contest. I was inspired  by few materials(Porcelain+Black leather+Gold) on my desk, they were in perfect harmony as materials so i decide to make a messy composition. In that way there is also a harmony… maybe.



Dimo Trifonov

February 2009 / № 3620

YAW! (YOU ARE WE) has many personalities but only two identities. The second is a hand drawn logo mark designed by Daren Newman.


David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 3618

Sup gang,

I’ve got a lot of things to show you all within the next couple of months; Client work, personal projects, features, and finally, a small website update! Summer 2010 should be a doozy!

Stay classy



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February 2009 / № 3615

I’ve been commissioned by Ogilvy to work on IBM’s “Power your planet” campaign for 2010. See the earlier post http://thekdu.net/davidmascha/2010/02/09/ibm-power-your-planet/

Here are two ad’s that were on the rear side of WallStreet Journal and the NY Times.

See also www.ibm.com




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February 2009 / № 3609

Hey all!

I have just update my new portfolio. www.TheAfrix.com


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