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February 2009 / № 2879

Another stuffs that I did recently. Some graphic t-shirt, sticker, and trucker. What do you do with a good branding tools ?

some personal branding tools, for my graphic design project.

February 2009 / № 2863

hola amigos, les dejo mi vision 2010 del kDU, enjoy!


February 2009 / № 2859

Hugo Create

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The Global News Network (G.N.N) is a fictitious news program we developed for Sony Computer Entertainment as part of the marketing a new multi-player game called MAG.

Check out the 12 cool interactive videos we produced for the digital experience allowing you to rollover content in the videos and click and gain much more information and imagery. It’s pretty cool technology.

This is what TV may look like in 2036.


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Here’s a video Little Red Robot had the pleasure of working on featuring SlimKid and FatLip of the Pharcyde.

We developed a 3d world of neon artwork to interact with the rappers.

I’ve been listening to the Pharcyde since I was young teenager, and this was quite cool for me to direct a video for them!

YouTube Preview Image

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A little joint directed by Little Red Robot for indie rap artist Azeem.

We used a vfx technique to freeze the world while Azeem walked through the city streets.

YouTube Preview Image

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February 2009 / № 2829




Another thing that I´ve done recently. What do you do with a nice bag? You make it even nicer!

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February 2009 / № 2824

I heard some young fools talking shit on the boy Monster Magomed…
Oh my GOSH, I build fucking stars like the Milky Way!

And for those who are talking all that shit… in three years Mag will be taking so much of your money.
You will have to switch careers and hide.

-David Gensler

YouTube Preview Image

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February 2009 / № 2816

this is the new design of my personal website, OXIDIZZY

My name is Kama. Am the master mind behind OXIDIZZY.
I am very happy to be part of the KDU Network.

February 2009 / № 2809

I am always inspired when someone takes an idea, adapts or modifies it, resulting in a better idea.
On the other hand, I am sickened by people who simply turn out to be parasites, stealing ideas and resources, only to proclaim they themselves invented a much better mouse trap.

I rest easy at night knowing that more often than not, these companies are shams, lead by smooth talking snake oil salesmen – luckily if it continues to repeat itself, they all fade away.

Before a company or individual can claim they have actually done something better… they first should do SOMETHING that actually made a profit. I would love to see a single portfolio piece from these clowns, or even better, a client solution that worked in the marketplace.

Here is a VERY interesting read on the topic at hand. ; – /
BusinessWeek – Crowdsourcing is Broken: How to Fix It

The difference with The KDU is that we have a highly skilled, time tested internal team, that, when needed pulls from a private network, that is more of a true fraternal society, than an online social club or portfolio database. We are the antithesis of a global portfolio database of people you don’t know. Crowd Sourcing simply has no place in real business or strategy solutions, much less design innovation, at best it is chumming the waters trying to catch slow moving clients. If you are pulling from a crowd and don’t know every name, face, personality, unique idiosyncrasies of each designer… then you should go back to selling pulp, not trying to compete with us.

Trust The KDU… and ignore unaccomplished clowns that promise something they simply can’t deliver.
David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 2806

Hello everyone!

This is the last job I did for the study of Barcelona Pornographics.

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February 2009 / № 2819


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