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February 2009 / № 3496
February 2009 / № 3175
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I was instantly in love with Prague. The city is straight out of the middle ages… from the 500 year old astrological clock to the narrow, dimly lit alley streets.
The most inspirational aspect was the strong presence of hot boutiques in the city center. All the latest brands from around the world were juxtaposed with antique stores, amazing vintage camera stores and an endless selection of hand made marionette stores. I acquired two amazing hand carved puppets from the local traditional folklore – one was the Devil and the other was the Dead. We stayed in a haunted attic in the city center… a strange experience to say the least. I found no street wear – but I did discover the best vintage military store in a local flea market. Anyone looking to detach from modernity should visit Prague.
-David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 3164
February 2009 / № 3156

kduhorse a3

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February 2009 / № 3123


Llega el número cuarenta y dos de Staf, con un buen montón de cosas molonas pa echar un ratillo de lectura. Y amigos, en esta ocasión, el refrán de más vale tarde que nunca, nos viene que ni pintado. Después de unos meses de intensa lucha y espera por entrevistar al gran Thomas Campbell, el director de cine, fotógrafo, pintor, etc.… con sede en California, nos deleita con la entrevista deseada y la portada que siempre habíamos soñado. También mucha música en Staf para este invierno, entrevistas con John Fry de Ardent Studios y Don Fury, uno de los abuelos más queridos de la escena musical independiente de Nueva York. Y los artistas Geoff McFetridge (Beautiful Losers, Donde Viven Los Monstruos…) y Yong-Ki Chang nos hablan de su nueva marca de monopatines Solitary Arts. No le perdáis la pista porque son algo así como los morentianos del patin, sin parar de investigar e innovar, creando tablas, ruedas, ejes… y sin dejar de echar la vista atrás hacia lo clásico. Indispensable. Todo eso y mucho mas en la edición más fina de Staf desde aquel primer numero que sacamos con el nuevo formato. ¿os acordáis de Jason Lee y Chris Pastras contándonos la vuelta de Stereo, con una portada de los siempre geniales Matt Irving y Jeremy Fish? (Podéis verlo aquí). Algo nos dice que la historia se vuelve a repetir. En fin, que ustedes los disfruten. Y en abril más.


February 2009 / № 3155



This is a study I’ve been working on for about over a year now.  Still more pen and inks to go before I’m happy with the body of work.  This is a study on anatomy, texture, and flow.  I am going to continue this study until my hand reaches a form of memorization to the subject matter and what I am visually interpreting.  So far there are 2 pieces that are 30″x40″.  As the studies continue, I will be posting here and on my personal site.

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February 2009 / № 3134


One surprising leg of the trip was Koln, Germany. We arrived on New Years Eve and were overwhelmed by the energy of the city.
Everyone was in party mode to celebrate the new year. Unlike in America, the celebration went strong until past dawn. The next day we wandered the city searching for fashion and design shops… everything was closed, so we settled for some proper window shopping. We were excited to find world class antique camera stores, custom hat milliners, book shops and a wide array of well designed favorites like Nike, Adidas and Carhartt. Unlike anything in Europe, the Cathedral in the city center is the size of a NYC sky scraper.
-David Gensler

David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 3130


Over the last decade we have watched the world become a smaller place due to digital technology.
We now collaborate with people around the world, creating designs, organizing events, selling goods, meeting friends and even falling in love. More often than not, these online relationships are entirely virtual – this is something in my opinion is destroying how we as a society develop and assign value. The more the world relies on the digital realm, the more the “real world” becomes valuable.
In 2009 I decided to travel the world to meet some of my virtual relationships face to face, visit new places, experience strange cultures and attempt to find what forces are really still driving trends.

What I learned is that trends are not born online – they are propagated. Real trends and innovation is still born in the streets, studios, markets, small stores and minds of people in cities all over the world. It is nice to know some things will never change.
-David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 3128





amongst friends

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Win up to $2750 in a design competion against the likes of Pete Harrison (UK), Rik Oostenbroek (NL) and Mike Campau (US).

A new lifestyle brand from Finland called UU Theory gathered ten inspiring artists around the world into a friendly competition and promised to pitch in a competing entry themselves. In addition they will select 40 challengers from an open challenge to compete in the final. The task is quite free – besides the format (Horizontal A4 300dpi), the only limitation is that you have to somehow include the brand’s logo in your creation. To make the competition more memorable, all works of the 51 finalists will be compiled into a book.

The deadline for submissions is 24.4.2010.

Download the UU logo and find out more about the competition at:

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February 2009 / № 3118


This was a personal effort to expose some of the forces that inspired several years of SVSV.  
It was put together by myself and old friend and long time contributor David Harris.   


David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 3115


Hellfire Canyon Club X Bounty Hunter t-shirt collaboration. Tee features foil printed gold tooth.

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February 2009 / № 3103

New site – http://www.imjonas.com – enjoy




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February 2009 / № 3098


As a proud member of the KDU I’d like to invite to celebrate Designcollector.net 7th year and enter the wallpaper competition!
Show your KDU power!

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