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February 2009 / № 2284


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February 2009 / № 2276


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February 2009 / № 2266

*”Who’s gonna eat my soup?” is the work name of my new personal project. It is nothing special – just a typographical research. Research, copying, and reading books is a good way to learn calligraphy. Voilà. ^_^

Format: Poster;
Client: Self-Promotion;
Technique: Hand-drawn, Gel Ink Pen, colored in Photoshop;

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February 2009 / № 2265

Presenting five gift wrapping papers for the discerning giver. Each design represents elements we all as human beings share – the blood coursing through our veins (‘Circulation’), the bones helping us to stand strong (‘Skeletal’), the food that nourishes us (‘Digestion’), the air filling our lungs (‘Respiration’), and the traditions that shape our history (‘Snowflakes’). This limited edition collection is designed and printed in Iceland on reclaimed deadstock. Available for purchase online at meganherbert.com and in select stores in Reykjavik.

February 2009 / № 2261

I really enjoyed creating this typographic illustrations of animals, learn more on
Typography served.

February 2009 / № 2255

Special thanks to ISH magazine in Singapore for featuring the Keystone Design Union and SVSV.
9.5 low res
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February 2009 / № 2246

“..I’m taggin up your blackbook sure


February 2009 / № 2242

With tons of help from my friend Diego Quintana, I’ve relaunched my personal online showcase over at Saadart.com

Your Majesty

Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop

PILOT #3 Poster

PILOT issue #3 is out now in New Zealand. After a short break we’re back and in planning for 2010. We are hoping to take PILOT further out into international waters this year. Stay tuned for more and best wishes to everyone for a fantastic 2010.

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February 2009 / № 2238


Heavyweight Oil Cloth Motorcycle Jacket with pure silk swing back lining.  Ultra Suede Under collar and vicuna lined pockets.  Lower left breast have a 6 pocket storage system and a full length ticket pocket.   


Pure triple weight Mongolian Cashmere. Custom Triad pattern, available in Blue, Green, Grey and Purple.


Pure Qiviut Sweater with natural Qiviut bone buttons and leather shoulders and sleeves.
Qiviut is a natural material (musk ox) harvested from far north Inuit tribes.

If you do not know where the material in your favorite fashion comes from… it is a sign that you need to do more research, then demand the best quality from your favorite brands.



Two Tone British Millerain Oil Cloth with Irish Linen half liner. Back has oversized box pleat for extended movement and the cuffs come with either bone buttons or leather ties.
Each jacket is designed, cut and finished, proudly in New York.


Waxed Cotton Safari Travel Jacket. Polished Bone Buttons. Silk finished seams. Pure Silk half liner and natural linen sleeve lining.  

SVSV believes in no season – no calendar of fashion, only properly crafted garments made specifically for our customers needs.  
All garments and objects are designed and produced, proudly in New York City. 


David Gensler

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February 2009 / № 2233


This past October, I visited Knoxville, TN on a two-week road trip with my wife Michelle and son Ethan. The trip was a fitting end to a summer/fall that had been challenging and strange. Starting with the loss of my job as an editor in June (read about here and here), we had all weathered a difficult but ultimately fun five months of unemployment. Now, with a new year underway, and my 33rd birthday just passed, I’ve been looking at alot of personal photos the past several days and stumbled across these images I took with my Nikon D40.

Included here is a selection of photos I took one evening at Knoxville’s Sunsphere, a space needle-inspired tower constructed for the 1982 World’s Fair. These visuals were captured from a looped video being played on a flat screen TV hanging in the Sunsphere’s observation deck. For some reason, this video really appealed to me. It was probably the bizarre timewarp factor: Ronald Reagan opening the event; Dinah Shore as the master of ceremonies; and random southern-fried musicians like Rickey Skaggs and Porter Wagoner performing. Namely though, I think it was most interesting to look back 28 years on an event that, at the time, was so focused on looking forward. The theme of the exposition was “Energy turns the world.” And the fair also heavily touted the debut of new inventions, including touch screen displays, boxed milk, and the Cherry Coke flavor by Coca-Cola. Nearly thirty years later, it all seems quaint.

View full gallery here

(via Annals of Americus)

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February 2009 / № 2229

Long before the KDU, there was this thing called Native DBG.  These images were creative directed and designed by David Gensler, photographed by Albert Watson.  
We notice these images in a lot of portfolios floating around the web… funny. On another note, it was nice to see some of the images from this campaign be used in the recent ROC anniversary campaign. Out of all the images from all the years…  it was an honor to have these selected. Thanks for the respect Tim – we see you. 

And for all those that get the story twisted…  go visit the dude that showed up to work each day and actually built the ROC.





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February 2009 / № 2224

SR119 is
Carbon Dater
for Carbon Dating
An architect, photographer and a graf writer walk into a bar…
My three guised men, ill advised once again.
Oh by night, Oh by night… from the acts of construction, observation and destruction this product of defacement did form.

Carbon Dater is a black diamond-tipped carbon pen for writing and illustrating directly into glass… for carbon dating

Specifically – A .30 carat black diamond set in milled brass claw, fixed to a hand tooled lazer engraved inanimate carbon rod, presented in an inked 304piece hinged cardboard box.





Shot too close by Marino Thorlacius in Iceland. http://marino.is/
Glass Illustration echo etched by the hand of Jón Páll Halldórsson http://www.icelandtattoo.com/


David Gensler

The Keystone Design Union explored various photographic abstract styles with fine Jeweler Chris Aire.   


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February 2009 / № 2220

Early Exploration into Pinhole Portraits for SVSV. Before Business, Strategy and Design my passion was photography. Each image took no less than 5 minutes to produce and was shot with Kodak T-Max 400 on a Zero Image 6 x 12 camera.





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Book Cover Design

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