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An older song they are rereleasing with her upcoming album, we were approached earlier this summer to bring an animation component to the endless summer vibe of the video. Working with the director we used the the loose concept of animated magazine spreads as a starting point to a variety of graphic extravaganzas sprinkled through the video.


Here also is a link to the video on our site where we also included some of the storyboards that got us to the look we ended up with.




UFFIE “Pop the Glock”

Ed Banger Records

directed by: Nathalie Canguilhem

Design and animation: Laundry!

February 2009 / № 1062

Here at Nooka we have been involved with many collabs over the years. In doing so I have realized engaging in brand+artist / brand+brand collaboration is a form of social network brokering similar to alliances via marriage amoungst royal families in previous centuries – basically “i can’t give you the money for your ad campaign, but you can marry my son/daughter”. it’s a good discussion to have as collabs, when done correctly, generate a good deal of online buzz, but for some reason, not as much buzz in traditional media, and moreover, they don’t often directly translate into sales. for nooka though, it’s a great way to learn about new markets and connect with new consumers and fans.


Supremebeing first began as a small, hand-printed graphic t-shirt venture in the UK, and today has grown to a full street-wear clothing line for both men and women. The fully-formed line features everything from clothing to trainers and accessories, along with their staple t-shirt collection. Many of the t-shirts are still printed by hand, keeping the personal touch of the line alive and well. Their ethos, ‘Created First Amongst Equals,’ encourages consumers to not simply wear their clothing for the brand name, but because they love the clothes. This attitude is expressed in the brand’s own designs and is also apparent in the collaborative design with Nooka.

Supremebeing website here.


Above a collab we did with basketball and Hip-Hop-centric brand UNDCRWN

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February 2009 / № 1057


i hope to use my posting space on KDU to expand the dialog on universal communication. some of the major obstacles to truly moving forward with technology and our future as a planet is communication. it is unfortunate that the dialog on this issue becomes an emotional one for many individuals. i find even educated people regress to emotional arguments as to why one must preserve language as intrinsic to individual cultures – which is valid to a point – but to them i always ask ‘how can you argue that the range of emotions or intellect is limited by any one language?’

these arguments get in the way of truly analyzing the economic and ecological impact of maintaining so many world languages when we can do so much more when resources are pooled; look how india has benefitted from outsourcing simply by having a large english speaking population. how many man-hours, ecological resources and electricity are used in translating documents, books, entertainment in the most basic of international interactions and what is the carbon footprint of this activity?

now, i know i am not the first person to obsess over this issue and i know i won’t be the last. my argument is only more difficult by being an english speaking american with english [and america] being viewed as some kind of imperial force by many. to my own defense, i am bilingual in japanese and not a huge fan of english grammar. that said, japanese [and chinese] are have too complex a writing system to be a truly universal language and we all know what joke esperanto is. this does not mean the discussion on how important this issue is over, and i have many ideas on these themes which i will share here in future posts. i believe we can be respectful of all languages and cultures and still see that the need to choose one language for the planet is both logical and imperative.

not to contradict myself but there is a wonderful word in japanese for “universality” and it is this i made into an image to illustrate this post. the definition translates as: things that are common to everything. example: universal human rights. universally accepted ideas/concepts.

why let language get in the way?

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February 2009 / № 2565















Book Cover Design

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