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February 2009 / № 156

Hello, I’m saltyshadow, I just joined KDU this year and I’m super proud. I will post some cool stuff soon, for now please stop by my website: saltyshadow.com / saltyshadow.deviantart.com to view some of my artworks.

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February 2009 / № 120

pilot 2  poster

Hello Everyone /

This is Andy Pickering for PILOT Magazine representing Auckland, New Zealand.

Massive Dynamics and Greetings to all fellow members of The Keystone Design Union. 

A warm handshake is extended to David and Lex for all their hard work in setting up this new online community. I look forward to the many exciting new developments to come.

We come in PEACE

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February 2009 / № 743


Hello Everyone, it is my honor to welcome you to the heart and soul of the KDU ~  this site will serve as your direct connection to our members from around the globe.

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