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February 2009 / № 210

It’s looking nice guys. Big hand to the KDU crew!

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February 2009 / № 207



 nike latin america 09

nike latin america 09



Using Artwork and Photo Illustration we created Striking Poster Images for the NIKE Latin America 09 Campaign.



David Gensler and myself started this project last year in summer of 2008.  The idea came from an Urb Magazine feature we were doing.  Half way through the project we realized that this concept was bigger than a spot  in a magazine… We decided to embark on this crazy idea of trying to photograph all the creative types that make up New York City.

I must have cycled, camera in- tow, like a demon, across all bridges and boroughs.  It was hot as hell. But definitely worth it!  By doing this project, I was able to meet many talented folk that live in New York and I saw some cool and fantastic art.

We are still going strong and will continue to do so until we reach 1000 portraits (dont ask why the number ~ it just sounds magical.)  I  see this project lasting 5 years, or even longer — really getting as many people as possible… showing the whole spectrum.

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February 2009 / № 173

Two Promotional Pieces of artwork I created for KDU

February 2009 / № 175

We’re just opening up the doors over here at TheKDU.net and it’s been amazing and enlightening to see that the entire fam now has a place to interact and build up even further.

Huge things to come. Big up to Sub Rosa and the KDU core crew for making this happen.


Acabamos de abrir las puertas aquí en TheKDU.net y ha sido genial e instructivo ver que toda la familia ahora tiene un lugar para interactuar y unir aun más fuerzas.

Se vienen cosas enormes. Un saludo a Sub Rosa y el núcleo KDU por hacer esto posible.


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Hello friends, Below is a 3 x 8 foot drawing I created for the KDU/Diesel Only the brave art show in nyc. The concept for this piece was to illustrate through image and lettering visual call outs to every grafitti artist, designer and illustrator that inspired me through their creative bravery. This included graf artists from San Francisco in the 1990s where I grew up, all the way up to current times working as part of the KDU.

The artwork itself was loosely sketched in pencil then filled in with pen and ink, taking me roughly 2 weeks of heavy line work. Inspiration for these piece most obviously are my kdu counterparts. Past inspirations though have been Twist, kaws, reminesce, ICP (San Fran), saiman chow and mike giant.



February 2009 / № 157


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February 2009 / № 117


A large poster for Rockisnotdeath Exhibition in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. We talk about Rock Music and Young Blood Culture

February 2009 / № 382
Art Is Love

Skateboard and apparel artwork for Artsprojekt. I worked on this during some down time awhile back. As the first post here, I felt the subject was appropriate to share. Big things to come. Cheers.

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February 2009 / № 116

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Little Red Robot directed a music video for Belgium electro duo Nid and Sancy for their song “Kidzz” featuring the photography of Merlin Bronques, well known for his photography seen on his site http://www.lastnightsparty.com


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February 2009 / № 096

i am very honored to be invited to the KDU! i will craft some KDU specific blog posts in the coming days, but until then, please enjoy nookastyle.blogspot.com and spacecollective.org/NOOKANYC

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February 2009 / № 163

Diesel x KDU 2009 (NYC/MIAMI)

Photo by Ciaran O’Shea

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A new series of personal essays about job loss, mental health, and the undying pursuit of art.

When I arrived that morning, the magazine offices were nearly vacant. Nothing but the dull hum of a thousand overhead florescent lights and the distant clicking of a few phantom keyboards registered a sound. A stack of empty boxes had been left on my desk. Looking at them, they seemed to tell the true story of the last 24 hours: We care, we really do. But please take your shit and leave, it’s time for us to move on (Read: ‘Fear & Self-Loathing…’ Part I). I looked at the boxes, then over at the woman from Human Resources who had escorted me from the entrance of the building to my cubicle. “Take all the time you need,” she said. “I’ll check back with you in 10 minutes.”

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[Illustration via diftype.com]

February 2009 / № 448

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Book Cover Design

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