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Brno, Czech Republic

Hello there! My name is Berjo Ange-Ernest Moudilou-Mouanga, shortly Berjo. I´m a young graphic designer / illustrator born in Czech Republic with African origins from Congo and Namibia. I work on different projects by using various creative solutions. My work is mainly inspired by music, culture, art and the world around me. I graduated with a BcA. in july 2011 from Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic.
November 2011 / № 252


Check out updates on my website and news from Project 33

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from slave ship

New projects on my website.

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I´m really excited about the upcoming African and Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival 2011, my dissertation project African & Diaspora cinema will be exhibited amongst hundreds of other projects from African descent artists from all over the world.

The AACDD – Bargehouse Festival will be launched officially on September 8th with an evening preview for the press. The exhibitions will be open to the public September 9th – 25th 2011, opening times to be confirmed.

Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
London SE1 9PH

August 2011 / № 243


If you happen to be in New York in august 2011 don´t forget to visit The Jean-Michel Basquiat tribute exhibition in The Museum of African American Cinema in Harlem. I was invited to participate by Gregory Javan Mills, who is the museum´s CEO. I have created the exhibition poster with the main illustration. The catalogue and post cards will be covered with my artwork as well. The exhibition will showcase works from 30 various visual artists.

Art exhibition opens to public Friday 12th August 2011 – 2:00pm.
The Art Gallery – 2nd floor – Free Admission
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Building
163 West 125th Street @ 7th Avenue.

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August 2011 / № 240


I´m really excited to be the newest member of Studio Drawetc, which is one of the top creative studio in Czech Republic. Check out my profile and other stuff Drawetc has created.

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July 2011 / № 238


This is my dissertation project. Learn more here.

June 2011 / № 232


Check my latest project, few illustrations for The KDU, learn more here

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June 2011 / № 230


The Raven T-Shirt is finally out. Go and cop that at The-Affair. Check out the rest of this project here.

June 2011 / № 228


Hello collective, I´ve been working on different projects lately. So I´m about to release them one by one. Stay tuned…

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April 2011 / № 226


Hey KDU, I just wanted to let y´all know I finally got my online Portfolio. You might want to check it out.

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March 2011 / № 224


I´m very proud to be featured on I AM: THENUBLACK
Check out my interview.

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March 2011 / № 220

black month1

Hello Collective! Check out new stuff on my blog and stay tuned for more stuff.

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March 2011 / № 217
March 2011 / № 214



This is my contribution for Solstice.

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February 2011 / № 209

Hello friends and creatives! Well I’ll go straight to the point, something messed up happened to me lately. A so-called graphic designer from Algeria stole my logo for his or her cofee lounge! From the pictures I’ve seen the logo is exactly the same as mine. My original logo comes from an old personal project I’ve done a long time ago. It’s called SNEAKERSPOT. I created a fictious corporate identity for a coffe / bar where all sneaker lovers could go and have a good time. The signification of the logo is a cup made of laces! (as you can’t rock sneakers without laces, and you can’t have a cafe without a cup)! That’s the original meaning of the logo! Since someone is so arrogant to take it and use it for its lounge, they should have known the actual meaning  befor using it. I published this project on BEHANCE network and on my blog right here on The KDU. So all I’m asking you is to blog about this, write about this or twitter about this. Because this is the only way I can defend myself as an independent artist. I really do need every help. I’ll add pictures of the original logo and pictures of the so-called La Plaza Cafe Lounge. Judge by yourselves which one is original. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. B


The original logo of SNEAKERSPOT, find the whole project on BEHANCE


A logo that someone has “created” for their coffe lounge, find their page on FACEBOOK

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