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Timisoara, Romania

I am a 31 years old romanian graphic/multimedia designer with a bachelor degree in fine arts, a bachelor in multimedia techinques and new media.

I am self motivated, always wanting to experiment and looking for challenges on every field of visual communication: digital matte painting, vfx, graphic design, experimental illustration, typography, interactive and new media, combining traditional techniques with digital ones in order to obtain something unique, something unexpected and spectacular.

My motto is: "Never stop experimenting, be a perfectionist, be restless, but always be a dreamer!"
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February 2009 / № 067


Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector) and talented illustrator and iPad monster Fiodor Sumkin (Opera78) started to create the über awesome Digital Magazine “DESIGNCOLLECTOR” Winter 2010/11 for iPad owners.

Illustration below made by Sorin Bechira

DesignCollector Magazine

DesignCollector Magazine

DesignCollector Magazine



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