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Timisoara, Romania

I am a 31 years old romanian graphic/multimedia designer with a bachelor degree in fine arts, a bachelor in multimedia techinques and new media.

I am self motivated, always wanting to experiment and looking for challenges on every field of visual communication: digital matte painting, vfx, graphic design, experimental illustration, typography, interactive and new media, combining traditional techniques with digital ones in order to obtain something unique, something unexpected and spectacular.

My motto is: "Never stop experimenting, be a perfectionist, be restless, but always be a dreamer!"
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Editorial Typographic Illustration.









For more details, please visit this link. Thank you.

VisualFreaks POLYHEDRA CG MotionPack

April 2011 / № 116
March 2011 / № 112
March 2011 / № 105
March 2011 / № 096

We are X3

We are X3., an award winning design studio based in Romania. We are a team of 10 professionals, specialized in experience design and interactive experience design (UI/UX), keeping an eye nevertheless on illustration and branding.

During our 10 years of life as a company, we always considered our clients to be our friends, and thus wanted to create projects that could make both us and them proud. You can check some of our most representative projects on our portfolio. Some of them are also described below:

X3 Archviz

X3 Archviz, a 3D Architectural Visualization site that showcases virtual tours and photo-real, still, panoramic renderings. Here, here and here are some examples.

X3 D'arc MiniChallenge

D`arc Mini Challenge, is an interactive online experience, that we created for D’arc Club, as part of their branding campaign. The D’arc Mini Challenge is a game that tests your online driving skills, in a Mini Cooper, on a bar. The challenge is to deliver drink ingredients to bartenders, to help them prepare cocktails.

Here is the behind the scenes story, the making of.

X3 Plai Festival

Plai Festival is a complete experience about Music, Multiculturalism and Art celebrating diversity. For this festival we created a branding and promotional campaign.

You can read the making of here.

X3 Portoroz

Port of Spirits, a poster we created for Off Drum Competition 2010: Portorož Piran Genius Loci, got us a II place during the festival.

X3 VisualFreaks

Visual Freaks, a high-end project providing art-packs of unique graphic elements for designers.

X3 Aualeu

Aualeu.ro, our most recent project, an illustrated story of Aualeu Theatre – that strives to perform purely theatrical and in a direct manner, without any useless make-overs.

And some of our logos.

X3 Logos

VisualFreaks - LifeFlow MotionPack


VisualFreaks - LifeFlow MotionPack

February 2011 / № 088
January 2011 / № 083

slashTHREE Artgroup released the latest Artpack PARADIGM SHIFT.

These are some of my illustrations for the exhibition. For more details, please visit slashTHREE new website.

Emerging from the hands of fate

There's no reason to be sad

The king's burden

December 2010 / № 071
December 2010 / № 067


Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector) and talented illustrator and iPad monster Fiodor Sumkin (Opera78) started to create the über awesome Digital Magazine “DESIGNCOLLECTOR” Winter 2010/11 for iPad owners.

Illustration below made by Sorin Bechira

DesignCollector Magazine

DesignCollector Magazine

DesignCollector Magazine

December 2010 / № 057
October 2010 / № 043

YAW is the new experimental typeface. It is a bitmap, full color typeface. This time around, is a mixture of hand drawn anatomy parts and custom made brushes, with a strong graphical language. Stay tuned for the font release later this year!
More details here.




Click “more” for closeups and details:
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September 2010 / № 039

Trisec Organic

Trisec Fonts

We are happy to announce you that the Trisec Fonts the result of the first collab by Sorin Bechira and Stefan Romanu are available for sale now on YouWorkForThem.

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