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Lille, France

With a life driven by loud & rough music and cinema, I spent the last two years learning design on my own, enhancing my skills with sleepless nights and coffee. Inspired by the hidden dark side of each human being on earth, strange things, disturbing visuals, torn heart artists, poets, my style is slowly but surely constructing itself as time roll his unavoidable wheel. I've been working as an art director for several indie rock bands & labels, and various fields of the creative industry, always with a particular feeling and deeply involving myself in creating an alternative way to think and work. I'm also the founder of many side projects that, i hope, you'll hear from soon ! My name is Baptiste, i'm a graphic designer, photographer & art director, and remember : "What has to be said deserves to be seen."


February 2009 / № 012

Hello everyone, here is my first promotional illustration for the KDU, i hope you will enjoy it !

As it’s my first piece for the KDU, don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks, feelings, love or hate about it !


It’s currently based on ” What will be the KDU in a hundred years ? “

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