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St.Petersburg, Russia

Arseny Vesnin (aka Arsart) is a visual designer and design observer living and working in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He begun his web design career in 1998. Later, in 2003, has started the first Russian design observing magazine - Designcollector. After graduating from design university in 2005 he begun a professional career as Visual/UI Designer and always open for career abroad. 

Most of his spare time he gives to Designcollector Network. A group of sites (DC, DC TV, DC News) based on Designcollector.net platform. He focused on observing anything positive and creative from all over the world and reveal the talents on sites and social networks (T, F, B). DCN has established partnership with: ADCR, Electrolux Labs, Philips Design, FITC, OFFF, TOCA ME, MadinSpain, ColaLife and etc. Since 2009 he has become a partnership member of the KDU and the affiliate member of DAHRA (Designers Against Human Rights Abuse). Also he take a part in rapid journalism project Media140.

For the last six years Designcollector became a platform for forming Arseny's experience in design observing and curating hence he became a guest curator on Behnace.net and is unofficial curator of its Russian section. The ideal goal is to promote Russian talents worldwide and give world a chance to admire creative works from the six part of Earth.


May 2012 / № 158


Recently spotted this awesome service for creating instant kaleidoscope wallpapers – ▲kaleidolism. Try on!

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May 2012 / № 157

I am happy to announce that the largest Russian-design related blog Designcollector revealed the huge list of Russian Designers available for work or just for admiration. Check the list on http://designcollector.net/russian-designers/. The video in the post was made by the youngest and profound member of Designcollector – Alexey Frolov for my speech about Russian Design at OFFF 2011 festival.

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March 2012 / № 155

DCMAG 2012 February

Many of KDU Members including few from KDU Core sharped their tools and took a part in a first printed issue of DCMAG (Designcollector Magazine 2012). Check it out on in print or grab Free Mobile version directly.
The second (Spring) issue will give a fight for Designers vs. Photographers. Stay tuned.

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May 2011 / № 153


This is the first independent design magazine for iPad brought you by the team of Arseny Vesnin (editor, Designcollector founder), Fiodor Sumkin (iPad Guru, Opera78) and Aziz Melibayev (Art director). Awesome content fits interviews and artists submissions including KDU Members: Sara Blake, Wojciech Zalot, Xavier Bourdil, Sorin Bechira, Vladimir Tomin and etc.

Download MAG for iPad for FREE on DCMAG.NET
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I am following Koivo artworks since I found her submissions few years ago, worth to mention she works and live in the most beautiful city Saint-Petersburg, where I also have a happy chance to live.
Xenia’s style and manners are very strong, unique and professional what makes her stand out and catch your eye.

Please check her website or Behance portfolio or get a sneak preview on her selected artworks here

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March 2010 / № 143


As a proud member of the KDU I’d like to invite to celebrate Designcollector.net 7th year and enter the wallpaper competition!
Show your KDU power!

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March 2010 / № 137

Designcollector released the unique book full of bright creative artworks made by selected Russian-speaking illustrators. You will explore 60 illustrators: some famous, but most still unknown for the world wide audience. And that is a right time to reveal a hidden talents, new names, great diversity of styles, manners and imaginations. This is a first book from a series of “Russian Illustration WOW!”, we are planning to release the Vol 2 in the next few months.



NB! This is your unique key to Russian creativity and an opportunity to satisfy your customers with a new level of commercial, fashion and editorial illustration.


Preview and order from Blurb:

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February 2010 / № 118

Russian inspiration

Every week one nice blog shares Russian inspiration set of 18-40 images selected from Behance.net or Flickr.com
There are only two rules for selection: the work submitted by Russian-speaking designer (photographer, illustrator etc.) and have passed curation of Designcollector Network.
Here I’ve attached a gallery (under the cut) of dozen images selected from Designcollector Inspiration sets. To dive deep into Russian creativity please follow this link: http://designcollector.net/inspiration
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November 2009 / № 116


Famous electronic DJ Boys Noize http://www.boysnoize.com shared a special 60-min mix with Designcollector!
Download it here

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Elena Dolgova aka Albicocca

First I met her works when was passing through ArtLebedev Studio illustrators page. She worked there as a freelance illustrator. I was absolutely mesmerized by the sensuality and the breathtaking detalization presented by her artworks. Their clean erotism was engraved in my mind and next time I saw her personal portfolio I was sure that met exactly same person. Her branded artistic style playing its role.
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October 2009 / № 095

Russian fashion bloggess Olga Bohan reveals a heap of cool and trendy Fashion Applications for your shiny metal… Apple.
Try them and be on top notch of catwalks, photosets, trends and brands, models, stores and events.

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Evgeny Kiselev

Evgeny Kiselev

Saint-Petersburg based Russian illustrator Evgeny Kiselev never stops and draws everywhere he goes.
No matter that a tube station or snorkelling in Asia, he always finds inspiration from enjoying the life.
He started freelance work few years ago after being squeezed in local creative agencies where he got professional experience. The lack of academic background hadn’t changed the way he creates and even improved the will to tie his life with graphics and visualisation. So what you think makes Evgeny’s artworks outstanding? I do believe he found a unique way of creativity flow and concentrates on researching new ways of inspiration. His works are recognisable and rarely use the previous idea generating new diversities. Since last year he started to materialise illustrations on cushions and umbrellas what makes them unique and colourful.
Since I’m watching for his artistic career he has collaborated with European media like ROJO, Computer Arts, Miller, IDN, Grafik Magazine and of course Designcollector participating in our six anniversary.

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September 2009 / № 059

Fashion Communication
Hello and let me introduce you the brand new blog on Fashion Communication recently started on Designcollector Network and run by DJ and fashion editor Olga Bohan!
Briefly, blog is about the communications between people and fashion brands. From runway shows to advertising campaigns, from shops windows to their interiors, from legend make up to stars collaborations. You can call it boring “marketing communication” and will be right. But in case of fashion industry nothing can be boring.
DJ and fashion editor Olga Bohan started this blog to collect and analyse fashion marketing tricks that different brands use to promote their goods. She did a splendid warm up mix reflecting the latest trends of catwalk music.
Check it out

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September 2009 / № 047


Have you ever asked yourself what you know about the sixth part of Earth – Russia? I bet you can shout out the set of keywords no matter what they are. Today I’m going to reveal quite obscure part of the creative Russia, the hidden force of graphics and arts – Russian illustrators. They draw at night, drink out tons of imported coffee, smoke cigarettes and never get drunk because they are smart, creative and very talented persons. I start the first Episode with the the most talented illustrator and will continue to reveal each of them in next posts.
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This colourful set of photographs reveals the beauty of two models, the American Guinevere van Seenus and the Russian Elena Sudakova. The shoot was made for Vogue UK.

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