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London, United Kingdom

Hey! Tomasz Wysocki aka Afrix. Based in London Born in Poland/Gryfino. Specializing in motion design, web design and illustration. Afrix is producing the peace of personal and commissioned work. His work was featured in many websites and have couple of awards in magazines. He was cooperating with projects for: Primark UK, Cohiba BOLIVIA, Citroen C-Crosser, Mitsubishi ASX UK, York PL, TheFwa, Cartoon Network. Any many more. http://theafrix.com CHEERS
July 2010 / № 011

‘We love mixing’ Its a Personal illustration, which I started creating about 2weeks ago, unfortunately I didn’t had that much time to spend on it, and even now I don’t think is 100% finished… But yeah thats the way it is. All of the milk stocks are fully mine which me and friend had done in his studio on the green background. We Have spend on the shoots about 3 hours… But yeah here is the final peace.

We Love Mixing

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April 2010 / № 010

Hey !

Take a look at this project for thekdu solstice:





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April 2010 / № 006

Hey all!

I have just update my new portfolio. www.TheAfrix.com


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