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London, United Kingdom

Starting life as a menswear label in 1996, Addict has developed a signature style of streetwear that blends classic casual wear with the performance, quality and functionality of high spec outerwear. The brand has over a decade’s worth of heritage in the streetwear genre, its roots run deep in the design, music and board sports communities crossing over both to the underground and mainstream alike since birth.

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February 2009 / № 008

We’re all really excited over here in the UK. The Royal Wedding is happening as I type and everyone is going crazy for all things royal and British, which brings us to this post. A friend of ours has recently painted a huge mural dedicated to Kate Middleton.

Here are the facts, Stika is from Brighton, a nice place by the sea and as most of you will know the graffiti capital of the UK. He later moved to London 8 years ago to study at the famous Central St Martins. After graduating in design, Stika has worked commercially for brands like Reebok, Edding, Converse, Google and many more.

Specializing in large scale freehand typography, Stika decided to put together something special for the Royal wedding.

“This particular mural was in response to the negative press around the upcoming Royal wed­ding on the 29th April. Channel 4 are airing a documentary called “Meet the Middletons”, expos­ing the working class family roots behind the future Queen of England. This mural sends out a strong message to Kate that despite some unfavorable publicity, the general public supports her as the new people’s princess…”

Ltd Edition prints can be purchased exclusively from the website

Don’t Hate On Kate





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