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May 2011 / № 7985


This is the first independent design magazine for iPad brought you by the team of Arseny Vesnin (editor, Designcollector founder), Fiodor Sumkin (iPad Guru, Opera78) and Aziz Melibayev (Art director). Awesome content fits interviews and artists submissions including KDU Members: Sara Blake, Wojciech Zalot, Xavier Bourdil, Sorin Bechira, Vladimir Tomin and etc.

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Dec 2010 / № 6370


This is an experiment with the new KDU identity language and motion. The goal was to add another dimension of fun to an already expansive new visual narrative.

Creative Direction: David Gensler, Jared Liner.
Lead Animation, Vladimir Tomin / Space-Jump

David Gensler

Saad Moosajee and Bechira Sorin will speak at the OFFF festival in 2011, In Spain, Barcelona, on behalf of the slashTHREE collective.

Other KDU members speaking include Vladimir Tomin, and Matt W. Moore.

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The collective that i belong to just happened to release new exhibition titled “Unleashed” . Be sure to check it, because it is full of good illustration and design.

^ this work was done by Tomin Vladimir for s3 collective.

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